A Way to Keep a Man’s Shirt Tuck in for The Entire Day

Image: sylv1rob1 / Shutterstock.com

It’s almost a problem that every guy who wears dress shirts to work faces: after a while, the shirt will easily become untucked.

You’ll have to tuck them in again, and sometimes, it looks pretty unsightly.

Imagine standing up and letting your boss see part of your shirt untucked! The usual solutions you get from Google are these: buy fitting pants or use the “military tuck”.

How the military tuck works is pretty clear-cut: you need to fold the sides of your shirt towards you (or behind you) so as to sort of make your shirt slightly “thicker”, and it’ll be more difficult for it to be untucked. Here’s an image of how it looks like from the top.

Image: agoodman.com.au
Image: agoodman.com.au

But here’s the thing: it still doesn’t work for long to some extent. And when your shirt is untucked, you can’t do it again in front of everyone else.

Also, if you’ve got a tummy, it’ll make your tummy more pronounced because you’re essentially wrapping the shirt tight around you.

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So, what’s this simple solution that we’re talking about? Here goes: tuck your shirt inside your underwear or boxers.

The logic is simple: with just your pants holding the shirt, you’re got, let’s say, 50% of your shirt in tightly. If your underwear, which is usually relatively tighter at the top, holds the other 50%, the chances of your shirt being untucked are very, very low.

Because you’re not using the shirt to make it tighter, but an additional layer to hold the shirt in place, it won’t show your tummy that much as well.

You can still leave a bit of a fabric on top of your pants, and it’ll still magically keep it in. So, try it! No one will know, you don’t need to buy any new items and it’s just so simple!

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