A Way to Remove Wax From Hair Completely So Pillows Wouldn’t be Dirty Anymore


Last Updated on 2020-12-28 , 6:43 pm

Many guys out there rely heavily on hair wax to keep their hair looking prim and tidy through the day. At the end of the day, some find that they are not able to wash off the gunk.

At least not totally.

Even after a shower, they come out with sticky, gooey hair that sticks to the scalp and leaves it feeling super uncomfortable.

While I know some guys who just choose to go to sleep with the stuff left in their hair (YUCKS!), there are definitely many who wish to be able to fully remove it and enjoy a good sleep and clean pillow with freshly scrubbed hair.

But just how can hair wax be properly removed?

The steps are so simple and yet, many may not even know about it.

Conditioner first, then Shampoo

All you need to do is doused your hair wax infused hair with warm water first. Make sure your hair is fully soaked in it. Next, you apply a good amount of quality hair conditioner and work it in with your hands.

Just get in there and scrub!

The conditioner will help to remove the wax. Once that’s done, rinse off the conditioner and apply a good shampoo.

Same thing, work it in thoroughly. You are fully allowed to sing while you are at it.

Give it a few minutes and then rinse it off. Your hair should be clear of hair wax now!

If one wash doesn’t suffice, you can repeat the process once more but perhaps you won’t need to scrub too long and too much this time.

Easy isn’t it? And yet, we still get so many men complaining about how hard it is to remove hair wax and some decide to go without it at the peril of their unruly hair. Some even resort to using water or their (eeks!) saliva to try keeping their hair in place.

You see them running to the bathroom as soon as the liquid dries to upkeep their look. A terrible waste of time if you ask me.

Leaving hair wax in your hair might lead to dirt on the face

Getting rid of all your hair wax at the end of the day before you go to bed is similar to women needing to remove all their make up before they end the day.


If you don’t remove your hair wax thoroughly before you sleep, not only does it dirty your pillow but your face is going to bear the brunt of the dirt accumulated on it too, which could lead to acne.

So guys, please wash it all off. It really isn’t that difficult.

Featured Image: gowithstock / Shutterstock.com