Aaron Kwok Caught Driving Though Protesters’ Gathering to Buy Diapers & Protesters Love Him

Daddy’s got duties. 

Life still goes on, even with all the protests happening around Hong Kong.

It is no different for celebrity daddy, Aaron Kwok.

Aaron Kwok Caught In Protests 

In the midst of the Hong Kong protest, protesters saw Hong Kong superstar Aaron Kwok, on a diaper run.

He was driving in his Lamborghini on Morrison Hill Road in the Causeway Bay shopping district, where protesters had gathered.

The protesters were marching to the United States consulate to call for aid to bring democracy to Hong Kong, after the withdrawal of the extradition bill.

The protesters noticed Kwok when he had to slow his car down as the area was packed.

Superstar In The Crowd 

Excited, protesters started crowding around his cars snapping pictures with and of him.

Here’s a picture to give you an idea of the crowd:

Image: Twitter (@lostdutchhk)

Yea, that’s a pretty huge crowd. 

And those reporters are certainly there to cover the protests.

On Diaper Run 

Kwok who is married to model Moka Fang has two daughters- Chantelle, two, and Charlotte, who is about five months old.

When asked by the media where he was going, he said, “I’m getting diapers for my daughter.”

Image: Twitter (Global News)

When asked about his views on the protests, he replied with the same answer.

Kwok Silently With The Protesters? 

The protesters felt appreciative of him not getting angry at them for slowing his car down.

Some interpreted the simple move as Kwok showing his support in a subtle way.

Celebs Standing Up For The Protests 

Veteran actor Deanie Ip and Cantopop singer Denise Ho are among those who have stood up for the protesters, despite the possible repercussions from China.

Ho mentioned that most people benefit from the China market “so they will just stay silent”.

She has been blacklisted in China for taking part in the democracy movement in 2014.

However, most celebrities haven’t spoken about the protests yet, most probably to avoid any repercussions.

What repercussions, you asked.

Jackie Chan Faces Backlash With his Comments

Last month, when asked on his views about the protests, the superstar said this: “Hong Kong and China are my birthplaces and my home. China is my country, I love my country, I love my home. I hope that Hong Kong can return to peace soon.”


Well, he should have spoken about diapers instead, because that led to angry comments online, as pro-democracy netizens slammed him online. As you’d know by now, netizens are the loudest.

So next time anyone asks you for views about anything controversial?

Just say you’re buying diapers. That always works.

Human Being 1: Do you think Goody Feed is fake news?

You: Diapers are good to eat.

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