Aaron Kwok’s Image was So Filtered, Netizens Compared It With Snake Spirit Boy

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Sometimes, filters are ok. We all got that bit of mask-acne to cover or a blemish that won’t go away.

I know that pain all too well.

But China’s filters are on a whole different level. I mean, have you seen what they can do?

So when it’s used to smoothen out skin, you can bet that you’ll end up looking like a baby’s bottom.

And unfortunately, the beloved Heavenly King, Aaron Kwok, got that treatment from none other than his wife.

Aaron Kwok’s Filtered Face Compared To Snake Spirit Boy

Last Thursday (20 May), 33-year-old Moka Fang had posted a picture of her and Kwok on her Weibo, commemorating 520 days. It’s another kind of Valentine’s Day in China.

She wished everyone a happy 520 day and hoped that her followers would find love.

Cries in single.

Looking at her comments, everything seemed normal at first. Everyone was wishing her back and commenting on how cute the couple was together.

But then, as you scroll, you’ll see that some people were slightly disturbed by her couple picture, pointing out that Kwok’s face was way too filtered.

According to 8days, one user sarcastically mentioned, “Is this her way of announcing that she has a new husband? That doesn’t look like Aaron Kwok to me!”


After finding out that Kwok is 55 years old, I can definitely see why people were upset with the photo. I assume that his fans like older men and well, he doesn’t look the part in the picture.

Big F.

Apparently, some users also compared his filtered features to the infamous Snake Spirit Boy, or Chinese model Liu Zi Chen.

Warning: Do not google Liu Zi Chen at night unless you want to have a heart attack. I just gave myself one.


With the younger man’s bulging eyes, pointed chin and fair, smooth skin, he has but one resemblance to filtered Aaron Kwok.

That’s why Kwok’s fans were fuming mad at the Snake Spirit Boy comments, bemoaning that the Heavenly King didn’t “work his butt off for decades just so he [could] be over-edited by his wife like this”.

They even went so far as to plead with Moka to be less selfish and more thoughtful of her husband’s image, saying that he looked terrible in the photo.

Oh dear.

Moka had also posted the same images to her Instagram page but this time, with little criticism.


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Oh well, I suppose it’s up to her if she wants the Kwok to continue looking like Heavenly King or a Heavenly Snake.

Featured Image: Instagram (mokafy/aaronkwokxx)

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