Aaron Kwok’s Free Online Concert Had 2 Million Views in FB Despite Having Only 21K Followers


If you don’t know what this means, I don’t want to be friends with you and you shouldn’t be in this article:

If you do, then congrats on having to give ang baos during Chinese New Year, and if somehow a melody is playing uncontrollably in your mind now, let’s materialize that thought because in Aaron Kwok’s free online concert, he started the event with this song (this is shortened version of the concert):

And that is not the only time that he had his dancers with him, though throughout his entire concert, the Canto-pop king performed alone on the rooftop of the Harbour City shopping complex at the Tsim Sha Tsui waterfront against the backdrop of the Victoria Harbour skyline.

The other time he had his dancers with him?

Reader Bao: Erm, She Bangs?

Our dear Mr Bao is not as old as I expected.

It’s of course Para Para Sakura.

There’s one more song with 100 of his dancers around, but I’m not familiar with the song so I’m not going to talk about it.

Reader Bao: You’re not a true fan after all.

Right and here’s the thing: I’m not even a fan of Aaron Kwok at all but yet I know his songs and his dances as well as I know how many bubble tea chains there are in Singapore. That’s how popular the king of Canto-pop is.

Online Concert Raised HK$1 Million so Far

Lest you didn’t know, the concert serves as a charity drive for many struggling dancers who are now out of job due to COVID-19.

After his first song, he immediately thanked his dancers and told his online audience that he himself started off as a dancer, and is sad to know that many dancers are now losing their jobs.

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The concert started just a few hours ago, and by the time of writing, the concert has raised more than HK$1 million so far—that’s like SGD$180,000. And remember, the video was live-streamed in all social media platforms would still stay online forever.


In the Facebook and YouTube versions, a Paypal QR code is overlaid on the screen for us to donate.

You can watch the entire one-hour concert here, which starts from the 27-minute mark (90s kids, prepare for a journey back to the 90s):

And by the way, you won’t have missed the concert if you’ve subscribed to our YouTube channel, because we’ve a daily show that talks about what’s happening in Singapore and everywhere else in the world. We’ve already spoken about this a few days ago so you won’t miss the free concert. Here’s the latest video: