Actor Lawrence Wong Gives Up Drinking Bubble Tea Daily Because It Makes His Face Sag

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The bubble tea craze in Singapore has been going on for a while, and it seems like it’s here to stay. For good.

At this point, it is no secret that Singaporeans are huge bubble tea lovers, with people even willing to spend their time queuing up for the new kids on the block, like The Alley and Tiger Sugar.

And let’s be real. We’re all aware that it has ample negative health effects, but we can’t really be bothered to care too much at the moment because of how good it tastes.

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Lawrence Wong Says Bubble Tea Makes His Face Sag

But, one Singaporean in particular, actor Lawrence Wong, has recently revealed that he plans to give up drinking bubble tea every day.

His reason? It makes his face sag.

I’ve actually never heard that one before, but I guess we can add it to the list of reasons why bubble tea is bad for us.

Image: Instagram (@ohohlawrence)

He mentioned it in a recent interview with Toggle.

“I used to have one cup every day but I stopped because I realised bubble tea doesn’t just make you fat, but it also sags your skin,” he told Toggle.


Thus, he decided to control himself and resist drinking one cup of bubble tea a day although it was a little hard for him (he’s a huge bubble tea fan).

Finding Ways To Minimise Calories

However, it’s never easy to completely quit something.

So Wong has come up with ways that allow him to still have the occasional cup of bubble tea while also ensuring that it doesn’t affect his diet too much.

Image: Instagram (@ohohlawrence)

“If I know I’m going to have bubble tea later, I’ll eat a salad for lunch. I make sure that I have enough ‘quota’ for it if I know I’m going to have one. It’s my motivation for the day!” he said.

He also has very specific orders whenever he’s in need of a bubble tea fix.

He only drinks milk tea that is made with fresh milk, as he wants to avoid fattening powders and creams. He also doesn’t add any sugar to his drinks, as he knows that the toppings, like pearls and nata de coco, contain lots of sugar.

Wong’s go-to bubble tea order would be a green tea latte with no sugar, less ice, big pearls and nata de coco.

“Maybe one day when I retire I’ll open a bubble tea store! I’ll come up with bubble tea that’s healthy yet delicious because I’ll benefit from it too!” he shared.

Bubble tea made by Lawrence Wong? We all know where the queues are going to flock to if that happens.

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