Actress Han Ji-seong Was Drunk When She Died in a Traffic Accident

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If you’re a Korean drama fan, you may be familiar with the name Han Ji Seong.

She was an actress who starred in shows like Happy Sisters and Second To Last Love.

Image: E! News

Sadly, it was reported earlier on 8 May that she was killed by two cars on the expressway towards Incheon Airport in a tragic accident.

Stopped In The Middle

The accident happened on the morning of 6 May, where Han Ji Seong was with her husband, a lawyer, in their car.

She was driving and turned on the hazard lights to stop in the second lane of the three-lane expressway as her husband had to go do his business urgently.

He then got out of the car and went over to the flowerbeds at the side of the road to relieve himself.

During this time, Han Ji Seong herself got out of the car too. Right smack in the middle of the busy expressway.

Based on footage from the car’s black box, she reportedly walked out of the driver’s side and made her way to the trunk of the car, bending over a few times and twisting from left to right, probably trying to stretch her body after driving for a while.

Some reports also alleged that she was walking shakily and appeared to be vomiting, implying that she was under alcoholic influence.

Cars Couldn’t Avoid Her

When she first stopped the car and her husband got out, a taxi that was driving in the third lane was shocked to see him and tried swerving to change lanes as to avoid him.

But unfortunately, he ran into Han Ji Seong, who was at the back of the car, instead.

The actress fell onto the first lane after the impact, where she was run over by another SUV who probably didn’t see her, and was killed.

But… Her Husband Didn’t Know

After police questioning, her husband stated that he wasn’t even aware that the accident happened while he was at the flowerbed.

He only found out after he made his way back to the car.

He also didn’t know the reason as to why she stopped the car in the middle lane of the highway instead of at the road shoulder, where it would’ve been much safer, or why she got out of the car either.


It sounds a little shady that he didn’t know anything about the accident, but it was also further revealed that at the time of the drive…

They Were Drunk

Han Ji Seong’s husband had admitted in earlier reports that he had been drinking with friends on that fateful night.

However, he claimed to be clueless as to whether she had consumed any alcohol or not.

She had.

An autopsy report showed that around 0.1% of alcohol content was found in her bloodstream, which was higher than the legal limit of 0.08%.

Her husband was then booked without detention by the police after another questioning session on 10 July, for “aiding and abetting her driving under the influence of alcohol”.


Netizens Are Skeptical

Netizens found it weird as to how her husband was unaware of the crash, as the sound from the impact must’ve been loud enough for him to hear.

Some guessed that the couple, while both intoxicated, had a fight during the drive, which led Han Ji Seong to stop the car on impulse in the middle of the expressway although she had turned on the hazard lights.

Others suspected that her husband might’ve been trying to take advantage of the situation for his own personal gain, asking authorities to check if he had recently purchased any insurance policies.

Moral of the story?

Never drink and drive, or practice dangerous driving habits for you never know what might happen.

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