M’sian Boy Sleep-Typing On An Imaginary Smartphone Shows How Much We Need Our Phone

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Smartphones have gradually become one of the biggest parts of our lives. We use our smartphones so much that a video even showed how dirty our phones are.

Caught in an awkward situation?

Just use your smartphone.

Standing in line for something?

Just use your smartphone.

On the toilet bowl?

Just use your smartphone.

Can’t sleep?

Just use your smartphone. 

Some people use their phones right before they sleep and end up getting electrocuted because of their chargers.

Image: Giphy

Yes, it happens and you may think that it would never happen to you, but hey, those victims never thought it would happen to them too.

Others don’t sleep with their smartphones, like this one Malaysian boy.

A video of him sleeping has gone viral.

Huh, wait. Why?

Well, let me explain.


He was filmed by his friends when he fell asleep because he was doing something quite unusual.


According to the video posted on Twitter by Ez’es (@Ezzudinesa), the boy can be seen in a state of deep sleep but with his hands in a position like he was holding a phone. And that’s not all, his finger movements also show that he was typing on his ‘phone’.

Image: World Of Buzz

And here’s the funny part. He wasn’t holding a phone.

Ez’es tweeted the video with a caption, “Who are you sending Whatsapp (messages) to in your dream?”

During the video, one of the boy’s friends tried to place an actual phone in the boy’s hands probably to figure out what he was trying to type, but quickly moved away possibly because he didn’t want to wake him up just yet.

Are you angry at someone now, and can’t get him or her out of your mind? Well, watch this video and you’ll know what to do next:

This video just serves as a reminder to all of us that we’re so used to using our phones, that some of us may even sleep-text.

Maybe it’s time to ditch the smartphone every once in a while. Embrace the world around us and don’t always use your phones when you’re out and about. You may be surprised by the things that happen around you.

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