S’pore Is Having Our Very Own Autumn Season And The Scenery Is Beautiful

Singapore, as we all know, is very blessed to have just one season all-year-round.

How lucky for us to not have to spend any extra money for the winter season!

Yea right, said no one ever.

We all dislike Singapore’s hot and humid weather because more often times than not, even though we’ve already had a cold shower, we perspire the moment we walk out of our house.

Which is why many of us Singaporeans rejoice when our temperatures fall below the usual temperature readings of 27°C.

It is also the reason why many of us choose to travel out of Singapore during December to experience winter.

It is currently fall season in other countries and while we usually don’t get to experience autumn, you might be surprised this time round.

Our Very Own Autumn Season

For the past few days, we’ve been experiencing more rain than usual, which probably also has to do with the fact that it is currently our inter-monsoon period.

Temperatures have also lowered slightly so we all get to enjoy a cool breeze, something we don’t really get in all the other months of the year.

Leaves on the trees around Singapore have also started to turn vivid red, orange and yellow – colours synonymous with autumn.

Similar to trumpet trees and bougainvillaea, the colours of the leaves change because of the increase in rainfall and the drop in temperatures.

Whatever it is, we now get to enjoy slightly cooler weather and pretty scenery!

Embrace The Scenery

In case you haven’t noticed the autumn leaves around you, here are some photos taken by fellow Singaporeans.

Image: Facebook (NParks – Owyong Wei Loong)
Image: Facebook (NParks – Chan Chung Leong)
Image: Facebook (NParks – Muhammad Zaki)

For more photos, you can see the full post here:

While it’s inevitable that we’re all in this technology-driven world, do look up from your smartphones and devices every once in a while and notice the world around you.

You’ll be surprised how pretty it is.

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