Air Stewardess Who Became Yew Tee Point’s Customer Service Officer Saves Elderly Cleaner With Lifesaving Skills


Last Updated on 2020-10-05 , 5:33 pm

As much as we secretly wish we are Mary Jane, in reality, there are not many Peter Parker to save us during times of distress.

Thus, lifesaving skills are important. Because instead of waiting for rescue by qualified personnel and watching a person helplessly fade away, you can save someone else’s life instead.

Three people did just that on 12 Sep and managed to save a cleaner’s life.

Man lying motionless on the floor

It was around 8pm when Ms Nur Aishah Mohamed Roslan was informed by a shopper that the mall’s cleaner fell in the washroom.

Ms Aishah, who is a cabin crew with Scoot, is working temporarily at Yew Tew Point as a customer service officer as part of her secondary employment.

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As the global pandemic badly affected the aviation industry, Ms Aishah was then seconded to Frasers Property.

Based on the shopper’s description, the 30-year-old initially thought that the cleaner had sprained his ankle or bumped his head.

She brought along a first aid kit, walkie-talkie and the key to her counter.

However, what Ms Aishah saw was different from what she initially thought.

“You cannot see his chest rise,” she said.

The 69-year-old cleaner was lying motionless on the floor near the urinals at the washroom located on the first floor.

The cleaner had a heart attack while fixing a leaking sink.

According to Ms Aishah, the man’s legs were folded and his body felt cold and clammy.

Two security officers provided assistance too

Mr Ram Kumar Baskaran, the security officer of the mall, was at the scene before Ms Aishah.

The 37-year-old had checked for the man’s pulse and breathing earlier on, and found neither.


The security officer said, “Because there was no breathing, no nothing. This means it was an emergency.”

Performed CPR on man

Ms Aishah started performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) on the man and told Mr Ram to fetch an automated external defibrillator (AED).

A shopper also called for an ambulance and put the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) officer on speaker.

Ms Aishah reported her progress to the SCDF officer while performing CPR on the man.

When another security officer, Mr Balakrishnan Gopinathan, came over, Ms Aishah asked him to cut open the cleaner’s shirt to prepare for the AED.


The three of them took turns doing CPR and mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. At one point in time, Mr Ram was in charge of CPR while Mr Balakrishnan did the mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

Ms Aishah helped with the counting and gave instructions.

While having to make sure that the man was alright, Ms Aishah also had to manage the crowd who gathered around the scene.

Some shoppers asked the trio if they needed help.

She said, “People were just watching and some were waiting outside the toilet to see if they could take pictures.”

The trio went through three cycles of CPR before administering a charge from the AED on the man. The cleaner coughed out some foam thereafter.


However, he remained unconscious after Ms Aishah turned him around and slapped him on the back.

She then started another cycle of CPR before sparking up a second charge on the AED.

The paramedics arrived about 10 minutes after the trio first started CPR on the man.

The cleaner has been discharged from the hospital.

Ms Aishah also met the cleaner’s wife and daughter, who thanked her for saving the man’s life.


Trio presented with Community First Responder Award

To commemorate the trio for their efforts, the SCDF presented them with the Community First Responder Award on September 24.

Image: Giphy

When asked about their thoughts on the incident, Mr Ram said he was really happy with his contribution, adding that the first aid training Frasers Property had sent him for has served him well.

Mr Balakrishnan said he would help out again without hesitation.

As for Ms Aishah, she recalled feeling sore all over the day after the incident. She could barely raise her arm after performing CPR.

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