AirAsia Launches Food Delivery Service on Tues (2 Mar) With At Least 24 F&B Outlets on Its Platform

Guess what?

Now, you’re no longer limited to GrabFood, foodpanda, Deliveroo, WhyQ, Chope On and Pickupp for food delivery services in Singapore.

You have AirAsia joining in the fun as well.

Yes, I know what you’re thinking: isn’t the food delivery sector here already saturated?

Well, yes, but the Malaysian airline carrier has a strategy in place to stand out from the crowd.

AirAsia Launches Food Delivery Service on Tues (2 Mar) With At Least 24 F&B Outlets on Its Platform

On 2 Mar 2021, airasia food officially entered Singapore today, but they’ve been working hard even before the launch.

According to the company, they already have 24 F&B outlets onboard their delivery service, with another 300 in the process of on-boarding.

The list of operators they have on hand includes well-known names such as No Signboard Seafood, The Shepherd’s Pie, Swee Choon Tim Sum, Maki-san, Pizza Express, and more.

Image: Screengrab from AirAsia website

Currently, airasia food has 500 riders plying the streets of Singapore.

Image: AirAsia

It’s estimated that each rider can earn S$700 per week if they make 10 deliveries a day for six days.

So What’s Their Selling Point?

airasia food charges merchants a lower commission rate of 15 per cent, compared to the 25 to 35 per cent charge by the major food delivery services here.

The company hopes to give hawkers and smaller restaurants a chance to enter the food delivery business without being “taxed” too heavily.

According to Mr Lim Ben Jie, the head of AirAsia’s super app, it’s easy to sign up with airasia food.

All you need is to fill up a form here and an airasia food agent will get in touch.

It only takes 48 hours from the application to launch and there are no registration or setup fees involved.

Unlimited Free Delivery for 2 Weeks

To commemorate their official launch here, airasia food is starting things off with a bang.

For the next two weeks, airasia food customers can enjoy unlimited free delivery within 8km from the order point.

The promotion will last until 16 Mar 2021, and even after that, the company promises that its delivery fees will be 5% lower than their competitors.

You can order your food via the airasia website or through the airasia super app section.

Customers who download the airasia super app, which is also used for booking flight tickets, can earn BIG points too.

What’s Next?

Will airasia be satisfied with just this? Likely not.

According to a Todayonline report, AirAsia is also planning to move into the fresh produce scene where they can get you fresh goods from other countries within 48 hours.

It’s also planning to launch a yearly pass in the next two to three months.

The pass allows customers to book unlimited flights to another Southeast Asian country and enjoy free food delivery.


Feature Image: AirAsia