Which Alcohol Is Cooling For The Body? Here Are The Shocking Facts


You must’ve wondered at some point in time, “Which alcohol is cooling for the body?” or “Is beer heaty?”

Has your mother ever told you that when your phlegm is green, your body is too heaty and when its white, your body is too cooling? And when she thinks your body is too heaty, she’ll boil some liang teh for you to cool your body down?

Which Alcohol Is Good For Heating or Cooling The Body

The Chinese categorizes food into 2 broad categories: heaty and cooling food. It is believed that the food and drinks we consume can cause our bodies to become heaty or cooling, and these energy can also be known as Yin and Yang.

It is believed that we need to strike a balance of Yin Yang to keep our body healthy and balanced.

If you have too much heat within your body, you may experience symptoms like bad breath, mouth ulcers, nose bleed or sore throats.

Is Beer or Rice Wine Cooling?

For those wondering if beer is cooling or heaty or is wine heaty: Beers and rice wines in general are known to be cooling. When the weather is hot, people appreciate a mug of ice-cold beer. Apart from the temperature of the liquid, beer is known to cool the body and expel heat within the body. This is why some cultures drink beers and rice wines when they eat heaty food, such as barbequed meat.

On the other hand, brandy is said to be extremely heaty. In fact, it was reportedly said that brandy, when consumed together with durian (another extremely heaty food) is extremely hazardous for our health. People living in the western sphere are known to drink brandy in extremely cold weather to warm their bodies up.

Other spirits such as gin, vodka, scotch and tequila are heaty and can be toxic to our body if over-consumed. Chinese medicine states that over consumption of these beverages create a great deal of heat in your body. This explains the occasional sore throats or ulcers we develop when we drank too much of these drinks the night before.


Now, as we’ve stated above, this is how Chinese categorizes their drinks, and there are people who do not believe in this. We are of the opinion that it doesn’t hurt to play it safe though, right?

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