What the Viral 芭比Q了 (BBQ了) BBQ Song is All About & Why It’s Trending in TikTok


Last Updated on 2022-12-24 , 6:26 pm

Everyone has been using TikTok these days. Thanks to that, many trends come and go fast. But here’s a trend that has been around for a few months and doesn’t seem like it’ll go away anytime soon.

The BBQ song, or you can call it, the BBQ le song.

The Viral 芭比Q了 (BBQ Le) Audio

Sung by Deng JiaZhong (邓家忠 for simplified Chinese; 鄧家忠 for traditional Chinese), the bbq song has over 49,700 videos attached to it on TikTok.

The lyrics are pretty straightforward, singing about how his item has been barbequed and he has no idea how it happened.

It’s actually quite catchy, with its lyrics “wan le wan le bbq le” being the most played part.

(P.S. It’s not wala wala wala bbq le!)

People have been using this audio to showcase strange things happening in their daily life.

One TikTok user in Singapore uploaded a video on 31 July 2022, during the National Day Parade preview, to show a batch of soldiers marching out of sync.


NDP Preview 2! Usually see 1/2 march out of sync lah… but this time in a big section of them went out of sync… Just for laughs but thank you to all the contingents for marching at NDP2022! Looks really great! #sgtiktok #ndp_2002 #singapore #fyp

♬ 芭比q了 – 邓家忠



Another user used the audio to show how one of his friends’ crocs had Chinese medicated oil on it as a charm.


Comes in handy when you’re feeling dizzy or having a cold 🤡

♬ 芭比q了 – 邓家忠

If you’re one of his friends, he’s got your back whenever you get a stomach ache.

Unfortunately, the song’s original singer has deleted his video so we can no longer see how the superstar is.

But you can still check out the full song here:

So Who is Deng JiaZhong (邓家忠), the Singer of the BBQ Song?

According to a netizen, 阿慶 Chill Ching, Deng has composed at least 1,000 songs.


However, most, if not all his songs, appear to have the same style. Just watch this and you’ll understand:

If you think TikTok is only for kids, think again.

Some of our politicians have started to use TikTok and they even have some viral videos. Slay. To find out more, watch this video:


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