Alice in Borderland 2 Will Be Out on Netflix on 22 Dec

For those who enjoyed the first season of Alice in Borderland, rejoice as the second season of the action-packed survival game is set to come out this Thursday (22 Dec).

It has been roughly two years since the last episode of the first season was aired.

Trailer Shows Intense Games

In the official trailer that dropped on 3 Dec we can see that the new season will be filled with tons of action.

Many characters that were present in season 1 will return, while some others will not (let’s not spoil it for those who have yet to watch it).

There will also be new characters who will be introduced in the new season, as evident from the scene where Arisu asks a shirtless guy “Who are you guys?”, who replied “Us? We are people of this land.”

Aside from the characters, the trailer also provided an insight of what are some things viewers can expect from the latest episode such as the new and very intense games.

In one of the many scenes in the trailers, contestants can be seen clinging tightly to the ropes hanging from the ceiling, while in another scene, they can be seen throwing bright neon balls at each other on the top of narrow bridges, somewhat simulating Dodgeball.

The CGI seems to have improved greatly, with many guns and lasers joining in on the party as well.

Wow, they sure love their lasers, don’t they?

What is Alice in Borderland about?

Alice in Borderland is an action-filled survival drama adapted from a manga.

Its concept is similar to Squid Game, so if you liked that show, you would definitely enjoy this one.

The show sees Arisu, the main character, trying to survive a huge number of deadly games in an attempt to return to the original world he once knew.

Every game that is played is related to a card from a deck of cards, with each suit possessing different meanings.

For example, the heart suit indicates that the players will be playing a game that involves playing with the hearts of the other players.

The number of the card indicates the difficulty level of the game, with 10 being the biggest thus far.

In Alice in Borderland Season 2, Arisu and the remaining contestants must tackle the face card games, which is implied to be harder than any other games they have played, as the face cards of the deck have a “bigger” value compared to the rest.

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Featured Image: YouTube (Netflix)