Allegedly Tipsy Man Tased By Police Officers At Everton Park After He Lunged At Them

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If you’ve ever thought of testing the Singapore police, don’t.

Because as nice as they are, they’re not above using force on you if you’re “non-compliant”.

To simplify, it means if you jumped towards them, lunged at them, curse at them, etc, be prepared to get shocked.


Like This Man Undoubtedly Learnt

So this happened at Everton Park.

A man who appeared tipsy in the video was confronted by a pair of police officers.

He was wearing bermudas and sported an unbuttoned shirt.

Despite officers shouting at him, he DGAF and continued drinking from the can in his hand.

A police patrol car pulled up shortly after and two officers, a male and a female appeared on the scene.

Man Got Agitated & Retaliates

At the 1 minute 15 seconds mark (of the video), the man grew visibly agitated and lunged at one of the police officers.

The other officer attempted to tase the man but failed. The officer who was the target of the attack drew his baton and attacked the man in his legs. Twice.

Unfortunately, the man wasn’t subdued and the standoff continued…

Ah Hock loved Michelle and asked her, ‘Ai stead mai?’ in the 90s. Today, he tried again but would it work? Prepare some tissue paper and watch their love story here:

…for about 13 seconds before the police officer tased him, successfully this time.

Image: Facebook

You Can Watch The Video Here:

Although you’d have to tilt your head for the most part of the video.

Netizens’ Response

The post went viral with over 1.8k shares and 110k views. And netizens are mostly supportive of the police officers’ actions.

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Although some felt that using the taser was overkill.

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Especially since he was no longer attacking.

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And of course, the guy who took the video should be tased too.

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Because he anyhowly take video horizontally.

Not The First Time A Tasing Went Viral

In December last year, police officers had to use their taser gun on an aunty who turned violent in a dispute.

A police officer was holding her at gunpoint with his taser while another held on to a shield to prevent her from harming others.

You can watch the exciting moment below:

Like my handsome colleague and all around boss’s pet, George Yang, said:

Yes, it’s the professionalism of the police officers even when they’re under pressure.

I mean, as a soldier in the SAF, we’ve trained to handle displaced citizens, but should I be faced with real unruly and violent ones, I’d shit my pants immediately.

However, in the video, the officers can be seen following every single SOP calmly—from screaming instructions to the auntie to firing only when the auntie turned violent.

In addition, they also demonstrated their authority, showing us that if need to, they can be fierce as well.

In other words, don’t mess with the police or you might just get shocked (G-Shock).