Studies Show That If You Always Post Mushy Stuff Online, You’re Insecure


Last Updated on 2021-09-26 , 5:53 pm

As you scroll through your Instagram feed, you see yet another couple hugging in the comfort of one of their homes.

Upon going further down, you’ll see a couple posing under the bright lights along Orchard Road.

If you’re one those posting those pictures instead, we’re letting you know now that you might be insecure about your relationship.

Choosing your perfect filter and caption is just part of your ideal couple photo, but the meaning behind the actual posting is said to be mean a lack of confidence, studies say.

Taking a picture and posting it on any social media outlet is a surefire way to show the world how great you and your partner go together.

But why couldn’t you just turn the picture into a keepsake?

Apparently, the study states that those anxious about their relationship preferred high relationship visibility, and while those the less bothered individuals (i.e. already committed until can marry liao) had less desire for such visibility.

It makes sense that portraying yourself well to others is important only when you think it is. After all, if you’re comfortable with your significant other, why worry?

When you’re easygoing about your relationship, the need to turn the romance level up a notch seems less necessary. Life is hardly a Hollywood movie; perhaps there is no need to be the star of your show.

Still, that’s your life and your choice whether to post that couple photo or not. But keep in mind that there might be something more behind those pictures.

And people who saw them usually aren’t impressed; they’ll just go, “Alamak, so haolian.”

Really. Just watch this video we’ve done and you’d agree (watch to the end!):

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