4 Community Cats in AMK Were Hacked & Injured by Cat Abusers


Despite not being owned by anyone in particular, community cats are well-loved by the community they live in, in general.

So, I’m guessing you can imagine the horror when the cats that have been affectionately nicknamed by the locals turned up with bloody gaping knife wounds and scars, with one scar reaching 12.5cm long.

Definitely not the kind of wound that a cat would have gotten by itself, even if it’s the kitty version of the daredevil reincarnate.

4 Community Cats in AMK Were Hacked & Injured by Cat Abusers

32-year-old Chen KaiNing (陈凯宁) and her husbands are cat lovers and they live in Ang Mo Kio.

Being cat lovers, they are part of a network of cat lovers around AMK who take care of the community cats there.

However, they started receiving shocking news of serious cat abuse that are increasing in frequency from April 25.

Within the span of just 10 days, four beloved community cats in AMK were found to be severely injured – hacked – by what seemed to be a knife.

Three of the cats had deep knife wounds in their abdomens while the last had a knife wound scar on its back.

Out of the four cats, two of the cats had to undergo surgery to suture the wounds and be hospitalized.

Naturally, the community of cat lovers in the area is furious and wanted something to be done.

Chen had filed a police report and the police are currently investigating the case.


A license to abuse

Some people seem to think that the pandemic gives them a “license” to act on their darkest impulses, no matter how psychopathic they may be.

Taking out their frustrations on these poor lovable animals isn’t the way either.

In Ang Mo Kio at least, residents have noticed a marked increase in cat abuse cases in the area since the COVID-19 outbreak.

According to public reports, there have been many similar cases of abuse and the cases are rising rapidly since last year.

The worst part is, the interval between reported cases of abuse is getting increasingly shorter according to Chen.

The serial cat abuser is definitely ramping up his/her game.

It’s not all knife wounds either.

A fellow cat-loving netizen, “Dison” (迪森), posted on social media back in March that an orange cat was suspected of being poisoned near the BLK 123 on Ang Mo Kio Road 6.

The cat had been living in AMK for 11 years.

He found another cat that was pierced by a metal object as well.


“We hope that the authorities will pay attention to this problem and formulate a solution to prevent cats from being injured again,” Chen added.

The authorities need help and you can play your part

The National Parks Board and the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals have taken investigative actions and appealed for people who know something about the cat abuses to step forward.

Senior Director of the Animal and Veterinary Affairs Section of the National Parks Board, Guo RuiJing (郭瑞菁), reportedly told Lian He Wan Bao (联合晚报) that they are aware of the cat abuses at AMK and are currently carrying out the necessary investigations.

He also added that the public can report suspected animal cruelty cases to AVS through the website (www.avs.gov.sg/feedback) or the Animal Response Center hotline (1800-476-1600).

The photos and videos provided by the public can help in the investigation, and that all information provided will be kept strictly confidential.

Executive Director of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA), Jaipal Singh Gill, also said the SPCA is investigating the cat abuse case as well.


“Anyone with relevant information can email us at [email protected]. All information provided will be kept confidential.”

Basically, every little bit helps, so if you have the information they need, please reach out to them as soon as you can.

Featured Image: Google Maps