AMK Walkway Ceiling Collapsed Due to Heavy Rain, Nearly Hitting Some Passers-By


When we walk under a sheltered area, we usually take it for granted that the shelter or ceiling is strong and will not collapse.

But is that really true?

A sheltered walkway in Ang Mo Kio collapsed after some heavy rain, almost hitting some passers-by.

Thankfully, no one was injured.

Here is what happened.

The ceiling of Sheltered Walkway in Ang MO Kio Collapsed After Heavy Rain

On Thursday (20 July 2023), at around 3 pm in the afternoon, a sheltered walkway near Block 703 in Ang Mo Kio collapsed.


According to Shin Min, it was raining heavily when the incident occurred. An eyewitness also shared with the Chinese paper that he saw a massive piece of the ceiling lying in the middle of the walkway.


The Shin Min reporters in the area saw that the massive chunk of the ceiling had been moved to the side of the walkway, and no barricades were around the affected area.

However, people avoided the affected walkway as they continued their daily lives.

Thankfully nobody was hurt, though it was a close shave given the numerous stalls operating within 2 m of the affected area.

Some stall owners who operated stalls near the affected area shared with Shin Min that there was a loud commotion when the ceiling fell.

They speculated that the rain and strong winds most likely caused the ceiling to collapse. They also expressed relief that nobody was injured due to the falling ceiling.

Another shop attendant interviewed by Shin Min revealed that the ceiling was constantly leaking water which could have led to its weakening structural integrity and eventual collapse.

A resident of the area shared with Shin Min that they were concerned by the incident as many elderly people frequent the site.

The ceiling could have collapsed on one of the older people (or a child) with unthinkable consequences.

Another Similar Incident Happened Last Month

Are you shocked by this incident? So are we.

But even more shocking is that this is not the first time the ceiling collapsed.

According to one witness, Shin Min spoke to, a similar incident occurred a month ago.

There was also a bout of heavy rain, and parts of the walkway’s ceiling collapsed. At that time, only palm-sized pieces of the ceiling fell.

The witness also speculated that the previous bout of rain could have caused some tears in the ceiling, which led to the more serious incident this month.

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