AMK Elderly Hawker Refuses to Increase Price of Carrot Cake for Other Elderly


We’re all into our atas restaurants and our $100 buffets, but our one true love will always be hawker food, the core essence of Singapore the sole reason why we’d miss Singapore if we lived abroad.

Most of the hawker food prices have increased over the years (and we understand… the cost of living, rental, yadayada).

And that hasn’t stopped us from loving them (albeit with a bit of complaining and whining).

It is precisely because we understand hawkers’ pains in these trying times that our hearts melted into mush for this elderly hawker in AMK who is keeping her prices low for the sake of other elderly.

Image: Facebook (Daniel Young)

In a Facebook post by Daniel Young, he inquired this elderly hawker located at 133 Ang Mo Kio Street 12 as to why she insisted on keeping her prices low and her answer really tugged at our heartstrings.

Young: Auntie, why you sell so low at $2?

Auntie: I need to keep the cost low, as there are many old folks living here. $2 food

Me: How to make money?

Auntie: just enough can already

Me: $2 add eggs till $3

“Just enough can already”

Living in a country where everything is expensive, we worry about finances and we worry about getting a high pay, a good bonus and a good career.

For this elderly to be contented with surviving on selling $2 carrot cakes because she is helping other elderly in the area makes us wonder: why can’t we all be like that?

Granted, we have families to take care of and bills to pay, and maybe that’s why people and conversations like this speak to us so much.

While we look for deals, ways to cut costs to make it here in this land of expensive everything, instances like this does serve as a good reminder.

It might not make us want to live by barely making it, things like that make us stop to appreciate people like her and anyone else in our lives who make some sacrifices to help others.

And we’re not the only ones touched by this lovely auntie.


God bless her indeed and hence,

Head over to AMK and show her some love. A carrot cake a day…won’t keep the doctor at bay but just show some support.

Indeed she is, richer than most people we might know. 🙂


And for everyone who’s gonna head down for her carrot cake, here’s a recommendation for ya to try some other food while you’re in the area!

The stall is located at Blk 133 Ang Mo Kio Street 12:

Image: Google Maps

It’s a rather long walk from Ang Mo Kio MRT Station (about 15 minutes), but you would be walking through shops (AMK Central) so it’ll be fun!

Keep showing our hawkers some love <3