AMK Night Market Has Bangkok-Style Street IG-Worthy Food


Did I hear you say night market? Yayyyyyy!

Source: Tenor

It’s no secret that Singaporeans adore night markets and its array of traditional and hipster treats.

The recently-held Shilin Night Market is the perfect example showing how Singaporeans are willing to queue to the end of the world for some street food.

Flying to Taiwan for the food would have been quicker.

For those who had refused to join in the craziness previously, here’s a local one with a shorter queue (hopefully) for you!

A Mini Bangkok Night Market

The AMK Hub Food Fair, organised by Singapore Night Bazaar, is currently ongoing – from 17 May to 2 June 2019.

Located right at AMK Hub main entrance, the fair runs from 11 am to 11 pm daily.

Perfect for brunch and supper time – undeniably Singaporeans’ favourite meals of the day.

Image: Singapore Night Bazaar (新加坡夜市) Facebook Page

Resembling a mini Bangkok Night Market, the fair offers a huge variety of snacks – old and new favourites and interesting twists on otherwise standard options.

These combinations of food will make it irresistible for you to snap a picture or two and upload it onto Instagram.

The Must-Trys at the Market

Here are some selected specialities which may possess enough charm to lure you to the night market.


Black Squid Takoyaki

The tantalizing looking black squid takoyaki is honestly enough to convince me to head down tomorrow.

Image: Singapore Night Bazaar (新加坡夜市) Facebook Page

Squid ink is infused into the batter, giving the Osaka-originated snack a dark and unusual twist.

Fluffy and wobbly souffle pancakes

These pancakes are all the rage recently, especially with the impending opening of the Japanese Gram Cafe in Singapore.

Image: Singapore Night Bazaar (新加坡夜市) Facebook Page

Enjoy yours at no GST and service charge. They even topped it with three pretty marshmallows.

Goreng Pisang With A Twist

What’s better than Goreng Pisang and cheese?

Image: Singapore Night Bazaar (新加坡夜市) Facebook Page

Here you have Pisang Keju – an adventurous combo of sweet and savoury, where heaps of cheese are sprinkled onto our beloved fried banana.

The Legendary Thai Duo

And of course, no night market is now complete without the orange and green duo – Thai Iced Milk Tea.

Image: Singapore Night Bazaar (新加坡夜市) Facebook Page

It’s Not Just Hipster Food

The Night Market also offers many other non-hipster local crowd favourites. Sometimes, these are the best treats.

The Traditional Crispy Pancake. Thin and crispy at the ends, they serve as a lighter alternative to the usual heavy and thick mee jian kueh.

Image: Singapore Night Bazaar (新加坡夜市) Facebook Page

The Bugis Kaya Balls with multiple fillings of your choice- Kaya, Cheese, Nutella and even Durian.

Image: Singapore Night Bazaar (新加坡夜市) Facebook Page

And the golden sweet potato balls. Crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside.

Image: Singapore Night Bazaar (新加坡夜市) Facebook Page

If you don’t see your favourite night market snack above, don’t worry. Other vendors like Ramly Burgers, Bangkok Lok Lok and Arabica Kebab are waiting for you.

Night markets are not permanent setups, as we know. So stop thinking about that diet of yours and come on down to grab yourself some mouth-watering food!