An Innocent Train Conductor Killed Himself After Train Delays Due to Passengers’ Rants


If you’ve always liked to complain about train delays and often scolded the poor frontline staff who are trying their best to help you, here’s what you need to know: an innocent train conductor killed himself after train delays due to passengers’ rants.

First reported yesterday on Rocketnews24, this unfortunate event occurred on the morning of 21 September 2016.

Train delay causing disruption
A train delay happened in Osaka Prefecture, Higashi Hanazono station at Kinetsu Nara line, which is an uncommon sight since Japanese trains usually operate punctually and efficiently. This train delay led to a disruption and inconvenience, which resulted in some fury mad passengers. This is again, quite rare since Japanese people are patient and cultured according to what we know or heard of.

Passengers started berating at train conductor
Unfortunately, 6 passengers started berating at the poor train conductor who did nothing wrong. They berated at him for ten minutes about the train delay and asked him who they should blame this on. The train conductor was also verbally abused about the train delay.

Train conductor decided to kill himself
The 26-year-old couldn’t handle the pressure anymore and decided enough is enough. Nobody really knows what’s going through his mind at that point, and he decided to kill himself by jumping onto the tracks. He took off his coat and cap, tossed them to the tracks, and ran along it. He then scaled the barrier and threw himself off the elevated tracks, which was approximately a 7.5 meters drop. His last sentence was “No more, let me die.”

He survived the fall
He survived the fall – after such a fall. He was freakishly still alive and conscious when the ambulance arrived, and he sustained fractures to his chest, hipbones and other heavy injuries. Unfortunately, he succumbed to his injuries and passed away.

It’s unknown if the train conductor had any mental illness or was overworked or just extremely stressed out from a bad day at work. The train company issued an apology the next day and even cited the employee as having “an inappropriate behaviour.” *Moment of silence for the poor unnamed train conductor*

Someone jumped off the tracks at the station in front
The plot twist: So what actually happened resulting in the train delay? Apparently, an elderly woman in her 70s had jumped off the tracks at an oncoming train just 4 train stations in front of Higashi Kanazono station which was the reason for the train delay in the first place. The train was heading towards downtown Osaka, one of the busiest stretches in the prefecture.

This is so freaky; the death of the elderly woman indirectly resulted in the train conductor’s death. Netizens also pointed out how Kinetsu Train company had stated the train conductor’s death as “an inappropriate behaviour.” Where’s their conscience?

Featured Image: Twitter (萩悠@文スト二期待機)

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