An MRT Station Experienced ‘Ponding’ Yesterday: 6 Topics S’poreans Are Talking About Today (8 Apr)

One of the many unspoken rules in Singapore is that you must have a permit for everything. From organising a protest to selling shoes on the streets.

And it’s the same for donations.

From “ponding” at an MRT station to a Singaporean man who only spent $8 on food for the entire year, here’s what Singaporeans are talking about today.

Marymount MRT Station ‘Ponding’ On 7 Apr

If there’s heavy rain, make sure you don’t slip and fall. Even in an MRT station.

On 7 Apr, due to heavy rains around the Bishan area, rainwater “seeped” into Marymount MRT station.


NEA had issued flood alerts at Bishan earlier, and mentioned that its measuring station at Bishan Road found a 100% increase in water levels.

Meanwhile, at Boon Keng area, residents witness a teh tarik canal in action.


Just remember to bring your umbrella around with you when you go out because rain is predicted for the next two days as well.

And throw away your slippers if they don’t have friction anymore.

Stay safe, guys!

SPF Investigating Men Who Asked For Donation Without Permit


Four men, aged between 18 and 24, were going door-to-door at HDB blocks and at public places, asking for donations.

They claimed that they were representing an organisation, and that money collected will go to the needy.

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Initial investigations revealed that they had no licence to ask for donations, and that they were involved in other similar cases.

If found guilty, they can be slapped with a fine up to $5,000, a jail term up to 2 years, or both.

Remember, before donating any money, check for their credentials.

You can use NCSS search engine here.

Grab App Down Again For Third Time This Week

No, this isn’t old news. It happened again.


On Saturday evening, 7 Apr, the Grab app faced technical issues for the third time this week.

The disruption took place around 7 pm and users complained about not being able to enter the app.

10 minutes later, the app was working again with this message:


And users are still facing technical issues within the app.

But on the flip side, the good news is that the Uber app is going to extend its services to 15 Apr.

Bus Coming To S’pore From Genting Crashed Into Lorry, 1 Dead

If you’re like me, you’d love travelling to Malaysia on coaches. You get to sleep, see the scenery go by or just play your favourite Nintendo 3DS game.

And more importantly, it’s way, way cheaper than a plane ticket to KLIA.

But as with every transport option, there’s always some risks to them. For example, a plane may crash, a ship may sink, or the SMRT train may break down.

And for this group of Singaporeans returning home via coach, it became a terrifying affair instead.


On 7 Apr, Channel Newsasia reported on a bus accident that took place at Kilometre 30.9 of the Karak-Kuala Lumpur Expressway.

The bus was carrying 12 Singaporeans on board, and ten of them were injured in the accident.

One of the Singaporean passengers on board, 19-year-old Yip Keng Yim said that the bus was travelling at high speed.

The steward on board the bus, 26-year-old Carles Lagan, was killed in the crash.

The police is still investigating the cause of the accident.

S’porean Dumpster Diver Spent Only $8 On Food, Shows Where He Goes For Free Food

Singapore is getting more and more expensive, but not to this man who claims that he only spent $8 on food for the entire year.


If there’s only one inspiring story you can stomach for the coming week, this is probably the one.

Meet Mr Daniel Tay, a Singaporean man who goes dumpster diving around Singapore and get his stuff for free, including food.

And by dumpster diving, I don’t mean just going through rubbish bins. He knows where to go for unwanted produce by restaurants, retailers and markets.

He collected so much stuff he gave most of it away. He even started a Facebook community called Freegan Singapore, and it comprises of members who dumpster dives together and give it away to needy people.

You can read his inspiring story here.

S’pore No. 1 In The Region For Medical Inflation

According to a report released by consulting firm, Aon, Singapore’s medical costs is going to rise at a faster pace compared to other countries in the region.

Singapore’s score was 95.1, the highest among seven markets surveyed, which includes China, South Korea and the Philippines.

And the main culprit of the medical inflation? Hospitalisation costs.

Other drivers include surgery costs, diagnostic procedures, drugs and medications, prosthetics, and room and board.

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why the Government and insurers are no longer offering full rider hospitalisation plans.

They’re trying to get rid of unnecessary treatment costs, which will drive up the cost of medical in Singapore.


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