A Simple 30-Sec Video of Andy Lau Doing Housework Has Garnered Over 3.7 Million Views in 48 Hours

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With all their glitz and glamour, it is easy to forget that celebrities are human beings just like us.

But actor-singer Andy Lau recently reminded us that he is no different from all everyone by doing an activity we all do and probably dislike — housework.

Douyin Video of Him Mopping Floors

Lau might be a Heavenly King of Cantopop, but even showbiz royalty have to keep their house clean.

On Friday (6 May), Lau posted a 30-second video on Douyin of him rolling up the legs of his pants and mopping the floor of a simply decorated bedroom.

The 60-year-old renowned star is known for being hardworking and down-to-earth, but the video really sealed the deal for all his fans.

Lau, who was barefoot and wearing a mask, even made sure to move some suitcases out of the way to get to the corners of the room and diligently mopped under the bed with practised ease.

Over 3.7 Million Views

The video has since gone viral, with more than 3.7 million views after just three days on the social media platform.

Netizens and fans heaped praises on Lau, who is married and has a nine-year-old daughter, in the comment section of the clip.

One fan wrote, “So even superstars have to do chores, I feel so comforted. I no longer feel any grievance (for having to do housework).”

Well, that’s one way to motivate people to do housework.

Others pointed out that they use the same mop as Lau, while some commented that he makes even the act of mopping look hot.

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Joined Douyin in 2021

It’s not surprising that a star like Lau can make a mundane activity look good.

Last January, after 40 years of working in the entertainment industry, Lau finally created his first social media account, opting for Douyin, the Chinese version of TikTok.

The account attracted more than 12 million followers before the announcement was even made and shot past 45 million after the news was made public.

Unfortunately, the app is not available in your typical app stores here, so local Andy Lau fans will have to settle for alternative ways to view his Douyin clips.

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