Andy Lau Praised Again for Watching His Daughter’s School Performance Like Any Dad


Last Updated on 2022-12-07 , 8:49 pm

If you’ve been keeping up to date with showbiz, you’ll know that there’s a decent handful of good parents in the industry.

And Andy Lau’s fans definitely know that he’s one of them.

Lau, 61, married Carol Chu, a Malaysian entertainer and former model, in 2008. The couple currently has an 11-year-old daughter called Hanna.

Previously, it was revealed that the couple personally chose their daughter’s school and registered her on her behalf as they value her education. Lau, one of the “Four Heavenly Kings” of the Hong Kong entertainment industry, also talked about fetching his daughter to school in the past.

More recently, he was spotted by a netizen at a school performance, where the netizen shared that he had gone down to support his daughter, who was performing.

Image: The Internet

The netizen had written in her caption, “Andy Lau’s here watching his daughter’s school performance. This celebrity dad’s very responsible — he sends his daughter to and fro school and participates in her school activities as well. For dads, he’s a role model worth learning from!”

In the photos, Lau was dressed in a black suit and had a white mask on, and he has since been praised by netizens all over who have since titled him “Showbiz’s Most Responsible Dad”.

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Not the First Time Lau has Been Praised

And this isn’t the first time the Hong Kong star has been lauded for his character.

As one of the most popular and successful Hong Kong actors and celebrities since the 1980s, Lau recently took the train by himself and acted as a civilian.

Yup, no bodyguards, even though he’s one of the entertainment industry’s biggest names, just a cameraman who helped him film his vlog.

He then uploaded the vlog onto his Instagram account afterwards, earning the praise of many as netizens pointed out his humility and “lowkey-ness”.

In the video, he covered his facial features with a pair of spectacles, a hat and a mask.

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