Angelababy Makes Rare Public Appearance After Weibo Ban in China Last Year

Angelababy has made a rare public appearance after being banned from Weibo about half a year ago.

That’s right, the icon is making a comeback.

What Happened To Angelababy

About half a year ago, Angelababy, whose real name is Angela Yeung Wing, was banned from Weibo and Douyin.


Netizens connected the dots and realised that it might have something to do with Angelababy’s decision to attend the Crazy Horse cabaret show in France last September.

Reader: Crazy horse? She went to a farm or what sia?

No lah…

Last year, BLACKPINK’s Lisa drove Blinks crazy with her performance at Crazy Horse Paris.

Images: Instagram (@lalalalisa_m)

35-year-old Angelababy was in attendance, watching Lisa’s electrifying performance on stage.

Well, that is, she was allegedly there.

Although Crazy Horse Paris denied that Angelababy was there, some photos were circulating, showing that the Chinese actress was indeed at the burlesque event.

She was subsequently banned from Weibo and Douyin.

Though no explanation was given for Angelababy’s ban, speculation was rife on social media that it had to do with her attendance at the show.

In China, being involved in any erotic activity is strictly prohibited, and, well, have you seen the pictures from Crazy Horse Paris?

Angelababy was said to have flouted artiste morality guidelines in China by attending the show.

Chinese fans showed their disapproval online, saying they were disappointed in the star for attending the show.

Because of this, rumours ran rampant, saying she and her work would be boycotted.

True enough, the once prolific star went MIA.

For months now, Angelababy has not been seen at Chinese events or shows.

She also went quiet on her Instagram account.

Angelababy Comeback?

After 5 months of silence, Angelababy finally made a post on Instagram on 11 February.


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A post shared by Angelababy (@angelababyct)

Because of this post, netizens started speculating about a comeback.

Her fans were eager to welcome her back, showing support for the Chinese star by commenting on her post.

Angelababy At The 42nd Hong Kong Film Awards

On 14 April, Angelababy made a rare public appearance as a presenter at the 42nd Hong Kong Film Awards (HKFA).

It seems Angelababy is really making a comeback, and she’s off to a strong start.

Together with Hong Kong actor-director Stephen Fung, Angelababy announced the Taiwanese film, The Pig, The Snake, And The Pigeon, as the winner for Best Asian Chinese Language Film.

Images: Weibo (@火火时尚局)

Angelababy spoke fluent Cantonese on stage, bantering comfortably with Stephen Fung and comfortably interacting with members of the audience.

It’s almost as if she was never gone.

Image: Weibo (@恰饭而已)

From pictures and videos on Weibo, one can see how at ease Angelababy is on the red carpet.

She was seen standing confidently in front of paparazzi, posing as cameras flashed all around her.

It seems Chinese media is excited about the star’s comeback too.

As one of China’s most beloved stars, there’s no way Angelababy can just disappear, right?

We can expect the gorgeous icon to appear at more and more events, as well as more photos of the stunning actress on her Instagram too.