Angry Condo Resident Who Verbally Abused Security Guard Files Police Report For Being Doxxed

In the previous episode of People Screaming At People Who Did Nothing Wrong, we had a condo resident yelling at condo security guard.

In case you’re as forgetful as I am, here’s a pic to jolt your memory:

Image: YouTube

And all the time when I was reading the case, I only thought of this meme:

Image: Imgflip

Yep. Those two pictures above are pretty much the same picture.

Story Recap

For the people who didn’t bother to save this to their memory bank or don’t want to read another article just to read this article, here’s a summary:

  • Ramesh, the condo resident, is expecting visitors for Deepavali
  • As it turns out, that particular condo Eight Riversuites has a rule that visitors need to pay S$10 to use the carpark
  • Security guard tries to tell Ramesh of the rules
  • Ramesh shouts irrelevant information like “I buy your f***ing property for $1.5million”, “You can do whatever you want to do, f*ck off,” and “This is Diwali weekend you know? There will be a lot of visitors visiting Indians.”
  • Video uploaded to social media
  • Netizen armchair detectives dug up information on Ramesh
  • Ramesh receives 200 threatening calls

And perhaps we have nothing else better to talk about other than small disputes, but this incident made such a big hoo-haa that our Senior Minister had to put in his 2 cents.

Image: Facebook (Tharman Shanmugaratnam)

But anyway, we ended off the article by saying that netizens might be doxxing the condo reisdent AKA Ramesh.

As it turns out, it did happen as Ramesh filed a police report for being doxxed.

What Did Netizens Dig Up?

In the case of this video, two pieces of information were already inside the video. The resident’s name is one of them. And the other is his phone number.

Big whoops.

Because just from whatever they can gather from the video, netizens managed to find information about his condo unit, his pay, education history and started a petition for JP Morgan to fire him.

We don’t know if anything netizens found are real, but JP Morgan had sent a reminder to their staff to be respectful without pointing to any specific incidents.

Protection From Harassment Act

We don’t know how this doxxing police report will be handled yet.

Currently, the Protection from Harassment Act (Poha) forbids doxxing, or the publication of identifiable information about a person with the intention to harass, cause violence or fear of violence to a person. Those found guilty liable to be jailed up to a year and fined $5,000.

So, the people who made the 200 threatening calls and those sharing information are in trouble now right?

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Not quite.

If you’ve been on any kind of online forum, then you’d probably know that the investigations being done there is pretty random and it’s not really just all information coming from one guy.

In fact, it’s pretty chaotic because there are so many contributors with uncited sources or information that may have come from online information derived from other dubious sources.

To add to the muddy situation, the forbidding of doxxing was only added to Poha in May 2019, and it is not clear if the changes are in effect.

AND another thing that makes it even more complicated is that Poha currently excludes security officers in condos and private establishments. Which may or may not be relevant because Ramesh is said to be head of security in JP Morgan.

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Random Fact: Deepavali Versus Diwali

Or maybe you don’t care about all the drama. But you just randomly heard Ramesh refer to Deepavali as “Diwali” and got confused. And that was the only fact that mattered to you among all the drama.

In that case, here’s a gif dedicated to you in your pursuit of the sexiest thing known to mankind: knowledge.

Image: Giphy

Tamils call the Hindu festival of lights Deepavali. But actually, Diwali is the more common term by non-Tamil people.

Check Wikipedia if you don’t believe me. It’s listed as Diwali and not Deepavali.

Since most Indians in S’pore are Tamil, it stands to reason that Deepavali becomes the default way to refer to the festival.

And to the peeps who have some kind of opinion on the situation: just chill, yeah? Man was angry in one instance and made a human mistake. No need to make a big deal out of it.

Peace out.



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