Animal Activist Wrote About How S’poreans Name Their Pets & It’s Spot-On

Step aside, horoscopes.

There’s a new trend in town that proclaims to gauge your interests, and it’s not through superficial details like your date of birth. (I think I just angered every horoscope fanatic out there)

Rather, it utilizes the name you gave your pet.

Sounds interesting? It gets even more exciting because here’s the part where you see what kind of person you are.

For those without pets, well, too bad. #gostandinthecorner #meincluded


Tan Derrick, the President of Voices for Animals, published the thought-intriguing post on Facebook just yesterday (26 September), and it’s garnered quite a bit of response.

Apart from 200 reactions and likes, the post also attracted numerous Netizens, who spoke cheerfully about their own experiences.

“I had a cat named Darling”

Image: Tan Derrick Facebook Page

“None of the above”

Image: Tan Derrick Facebook Page

“My Hamster is named Puppy”

Facebook Page

I don’t know why but it’s just so heartwarming to see this group of pet lovers talk about their own experiences.

Perhaps it’s because I’ve seen so many articles: 50% of them had Netizens blasting each other to the point where you wonder whether they will kill each other if you put them in the same room.

Moral of the story: get a pet.

Trump and Kim Jong Un should get one each. Doesn’t matter whether it’s a golden retriever or a blind frog.

It will calm their furious man-bits for once.

Did you find yourself on the list?

I don’t have a pet, so I can’t identify myself.

BUT I’ve got one friend who has got, like, 4 dogs, and he named one of them, Mochi. I know for a fact that he lives to eat, so yeah, the list got him right.

What about you? What kind of pet owner are you? And do you have any friends that are pet owners?

Tag your friends if you think they fit the bill! xD

Burns incoming, whoaaaa.

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