Animal Group Sues Couple Who Adopt a Dog & Then Have It Euthanised


Dogs are angels in mortal form, here to bless us with happiness, love, and joy in their short but sweet life.

However, they are also often at the receiving end of the cruelty of humans.

As a dog owner and lover, that is probably one of the biggest injustices in the world.

Before one buys or adopts a dog, one must be fully prepared mentally, emotionally, financially, and physically for the responsibilities of caring for a dog. Otherwise, one risks ruining their already-short life.

Couple Euthanises Mongrel Two Years After Adoption

In December 2017, a couple adopted a 6-month-old puppy called ‘Loki’ from an animal group known as Exclusively Mongrels.

Image: Facebook (Exclusively Mongrels Limited)

However, two months before he turns 3 years old, it was reported that the couple decided to put him down for ‘purported aggression’.

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Despite an offer to the couple from Exclusively Mongrels for a dog trainer to help rehabilitate Loki if needed and rehome him if all else failed, the owners did not approach them for assistance at all but instead had unilaterally decided to euthanise Loki on their own.

The members at Exclusively Mongrels felt distressed and distraught by the news, as they had held a promise to Loki to spare no expense or resource to help him find the rehabilitation or better home if needed.

However, Loki was “robbed of a second chance in life”.


Since the case, Exclusively Mongrels had started a campaign called #JusticeForLoki to help raise attention and funds to advance welfare and legislations to prevent such cases from occurring again.

Image: Facebook (Exclusively Mongrels Limited)

This has also caught on in social media and the debate on pet euthanasia was discussed extensively online.


And now, there’s an update.

Exclusively Mongrels have taken legal action against the couple who adopted and euthanised Loki, and are seeking compensatory damages from their actions and its consequences.

They were believed to be in breach of an agreement with Exclusively Mongrels, which stated that Loki was to be returned to them if the owners were unable to care for him.

It was also stated that the couple promised to take “full responsibility to commit to my dog Loki for the rest of its life” and to not free themselves of the responsibility through abandonment or euthanasia.

Kind of like marriage vows lah. You cannot just put your wife down for ‘purported aggression’

MP Louis Ng, who’s also the founder of Animal Concerns Research and Education Society (ACRES), has also raised this case along with other similar ones in his Facebook post about calling for stricter euthanasia measures, such as requiring “documented proof that they have attempted to rehome the animal” and “certification from an AVS-accredited trainer that the animal, if aggressive, is untrainable”.

You may read Exclusively Mongrels’ Facebook post on the matter here. It has possibly been edited or re-uploaded after the couple reported them for alleged doxxing.

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