Another HK Actress ‘Scandal’, This Time It’s Elaine Yiu & Her Ex-Boyfriend

Well, I don’t know much about the Hong Kong entertainment scene except for the one time I was obsessed with Forensic Heroes when I was very young, but it seems like cheating scandals are as commonplace as they’re portrayed in the dramas. After the cheating scandal involving Jacqueline Wong and Andy Hui that rocked the world (or a taxi) just last month (you can catch up on all the latest updates about it here), a new one has surfaced, this time involving actress Elaine Yiu and her ex-boyfriend Raymond Young.

Okay, sit tight and buckle up, for here we go again.

Scandalous Bed Photo Leaked

Raymond Young, an executive at Dragon-I, a lounge for Hong Kong celebrities, was the ex-boyfriend of Elaine Yiu, and the pair had dated for eight months and broken up sometime last year.

Someone must’ve been out to stir up a mess, for a photo of Raymond Young and Elaine Yiu sleeping in a bed had recently surfaced even after they broke up and was spread like wildfire among the Hong Kong tabloids.

It can be seen that Raymond Young is the one who snapped the selfie while Elaine Yiu was sleeping next to him.

Image: Jayne Stars

It’s just a selfie in the bed of a couple, though, and they’re not even doing anything obscene, so why such a big deal?

Here’s Why

Well, there’s one very important detail here.

According to multiple reports, Raymond Young had not fully finalised his divorce with ex-wife Sarika Choy when he was dating Elaine Yiu, and they were in a separation period at that time.

He was also allegedly trying to win Sarika Choy back during the separation period of January 2017 to January 2019.

During that time, not only had he dated Elaine Yiu, but he’d apparently also dated another woman.

Oh, boy, seriously?

Elaine Yiu was then labelled a homewrecker by media outlets and netizens alike, who blamed her for the divorce.

Of course, she didn’t like that, so she came out to slam the naysayers.

Elaine Yiu Denies Being A Homewrecker

Elaine Yiu claimed that when she started dating Raymond Young, it was to her knowledge that there was nothing between him and Sarika Choy any longer.

She also said that she had no idea that the photo of them together in bed existed in the first place.

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She didn’t understand why the photo was leaked, saying: “Someone must have purposely done it to affect me… I’m actually the victim!”

She declined to reveal the reason for their break up and didn’t comment on the fact that she wasn’t the only woman in Raymond Young’s heart, apart from Sarika Choy.


Elaine Yiu’s IG Post

An Instagram post by the actress in an attempt to clear up the situation was posted on 28 May as well.

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She wrote, as translated by Asian E-News: “I am an ordinary human being after placing my celebrity status aside. My silence does not mean I am frightened and not explaining it does not represent the truth. My conscience is clear and thank you for believing and supporting me all the way. Thank you to my family, friends, colleagues and everybody. I will continue to work hard and repay my gratitude to everyone.”

Sarika Choy Knew About The Relationship

To top it all off, Elaine Yiu also said that she knew Sarika Choy, and even if they weren’t good friends, they had many friends in common. Sarika Choy had already known that Elaine Yiu was dating her ex-husband. Yikes.


In another interview, Sarika Choy also confirmed that she knew about the relationship.

However, she did not want to question Raymond Young’s relationship matters or the details about it as they’ve already been separated and it wasn’t her business. She also said that she is happy with her career right now and will stay strong.

You go, girl!

So, Who Leaked The Photos?

Raymond Young spoke to the media as well, claiming that he was definitely not the one who had leaked the photo that’s been the talk of the town.

However, when asked if he did know who was the one who sent the photo, he didn’t want to get anyone in trouble and refused to reveal more.


He replied: “I don’t want to say much further. I don’t want to dig a deeper hole. I don’t want to affect people. The fact is I was separated for two years. I am single right now. Dating is normal. It’s not something that can’t be seen in broad daylight!”


It’s just speculation, but he probably sent the photo to a friend who couldn’t be trusted and things got out of hand from there. Typical drama plots always go this way.

Up until now, there have been no details as to who the other mysterious lady in this love square is, if we can call it that, leaving netizens trying to be like the FBI and digging for the gossip.

It’s still unclear if the photo was indeed leaked by somebody who had an ulterior motive against either one of the pair, but if it was, that’s one vengeful enemy.

Perhaps another article like this will pop up next month.

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