Jacqueline Wong Allegedly Asked to Pay for Damages from Her Affair That Could Make Her Bankrupt

And the Hong Kong drama (except in real life) continues to unfold.

So if you don’t know already, the lives of two celebrities were turned upside down the moment a video of them kissing at the back of a taxi was released.

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Ever since then, both have faced severe backlash.

Andy Hui cancelled all his upcoming tours immediately after he apologised to the media and his wife, Sammi Cheng.

Magnanimously, his wife has chosen to forgive him and has asked the media to stop talking to her about it. News about Andy Hui has since died down.

Jacqueline Wong, on the other hand, does not seem to be able to take a break from the media’s scrutiny.

Born in America, it seems that Jacqueline has chosen to head back to her birthplace to seek solitude after the scandal.

However, in the latest development of the repercussions since the scandal, it seems like Jacqueline Wong will bear the brunt of the act of cheating between the two entertainers.

Payback for the losses 

It is reported that she will have to compensate media companies and her sponsors for causing production to be halted.

Jacqueline was immediately pulled from the TV shows that she was acting in.

This meant that the media companies had to quickly recast another actress and re-shoot her scenes. Her good friend, Roxanne Tong is set to replace her in the TV series Forensic Heroes 4 (oof, that hurts.)

Also, her role as an ambassador for various brands has been stripped from her and all her endorsements have dropped her.

According to Ming Pao, as the contract has been breached, an advertiser has sent her a claim for HK$10 million (S$1,754,448).

It is rumoured that broadcasting channel TVB is also asking Jacqueline for compensation of HK$30 million ($5,262,300).

Source: Giphy.com

Three TV shows that she starred in and were set to come out later this year have also been shelved: The Offliners, Finding her Voice and The Maid Alliance.

With her source of income truncated from her since the incident, it will be difficult for Jacqueline to fulfil these claims. (I don’t even know if I will ever own that much money at one point in time in my lifetime)

Relationship strained 

To add salt to the wound, it is reported that her ex-boyfriend of three years, Kenneth Ma has hinted that the two have gone their separate ways.

In an interview, he talked about what kind of girl he would look for in his next girlfriend and he shared that he would look for a girl who is not ‘materialistic’.


Needless to say, Jacqueline’s life is in shambles right now. The entertainment industry has completely purged her.

Do you feel that such a treatment is fair? Or should these actors and actresses be given a second chance to redeem themselves?

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