Another Imran Has Been Popularised & S’poreans Are Now Feeling Safer

Image: Facebook (Basic Military Training Centre)


Hi, my name is Imran” is the biggest thing in the Internet so far.

Rumours have it that millions of millionaires have become billionaires after hearing that sentence, and that alone has made Singapore grow much richer.

Imran has singlehandedly made Singapore the richest country in the entire galaxy.

But even the richest country needs a solid defence, and another Imran has been chosen.

Meet Imran No.2, the warrior who can kill his enemies with his eyes instead of his rifle.

Sudden Viral Image That Made Singaporeans Creative AF

Back in 2016, an image of a sian-est recruit in the history of mankind shook the world.


The image has since been deleted by BMTC Facebook Page, but his sian-est look has made us wonder if our young boys can defend Singapore.

And three years later, on 17 July 2019, Imran appeared.

Image: Facebook (Basic Military Training Centre)

First posted in Basic Military Training Centre Facebook Page, the photo album is of recruits (i.e. new soldiers with no hair and no life and no freedom and no anything) receiving their weapons for the first time.

It used to be conducted at night but for some reason, the parade is now conducted during the day. Maybe it’s to show Imran’s face.

Usually, BMTC Facebook Page is frequented by current recruits to see if their shagged faces have appeared there, and therefore engagement for each post is usually rather low.

But I heard that Mark Zuckerberg changed the algorithm when he saw Imran on Facebook.

The simple image of Imran passing his rifle back to his commander because he doesn’t need it has suddenly garnered well over 660 Shares and 198 comments, compared to other images that have single-digit reactions and no shares or comments at all.

And it’s for a good reason.

I mean, look at this:

I’ve never spent so much time reading comments before, but everything’s true.

I was in the train to Pasir Ris later when the train broke down. Thank God Imran was going to book in so he singlehandedly pulled the train from Redhill MRT Station to Pasir Ris MRT Station, and then route marched to the ferry terminal. I heard that he’s too buff to step into the Penguin ferry, so he swam over to Tekong instead.

And he’s much faster than that Penguin.

Okay, I know this article doesn’t teach you anything and we’ve broken our promise of “Informative, Entertaining and Meaningful”, but hey, I did learn something today.

Weapon Presentation Ceremonies are now conducted in the day because of Imran.

And I feel so much safer with Imran protecting us.


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