Another Secret Vice Telegram Group Has Surfaced; This Time It’s Called ‘SharingIsCaring’


We have come to a point of our lives where fiction has become reality; where the mere mention of a Telegram group chat with a name so innocent can drive people up walls… Or catalyse Singapore’s very first civil war – outside of Twitter and beyond the hashtags.

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Yet another one has surfaced, following the chain of very unfortunate events that have taken the country by storm. It’s like a never-ending game. As SG Nasi Lemak bites the dust, out comes its distant cousin, SharingIsCaring. Would you look at that, it’s a family franchise!

An anonymous source who called himself RC reported to AsiaOne on the 5 October via e-mail. With the right amount of evidence on one hand and justice on the other, he expressed the need to end it all… Through an expose.

Because he’s the hero that we deserve. He’s a silent guardian, a watchful protector, he’s RC. 

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Far From What Its Name Suggests

He told AsiaOne that he was pulled into the Telegram chat, SharingIsCaring, sometime in late September. He had previously been a part of another Telegram group chat with fellow Singaporean members. The group was rather innocent. Wholesome topics – you know, the kind you wouldn’t be afraid to announce on a megaphone in the middle of town.

“Bro, have you heard that GV is screening BTS’ concert finale?” that kind of wholesome.

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But then somebody called Lust Wander came.

Yes, Lust Wander.

Very original, out of the ordinary and not at all cliche. A questionable choice of username for a grown man. Anyway, Lust Wander, went on to create another group and named it, SharingIsCaring.

Damn… Somebody teach this guy some Branding 101.

From Disgust To Dismay To Disbelief

Invites were made exclusive yet were rampant. Unlike SG Nasi Lemak, SharingIsCaring is a secret channel that is hidden on Telegram’s server.

He reported that the group had over 100 members who were sharing lewd images and videos of women on public transport. This ranged from girls in school uniforms to commoners.

Image: AsiaOne (RC)
Image: AsiaOne (RC)

RC shared that his curiosity soon turned to disgust, dismay, and disbelief – a very detailed order. He also pointed out that the group has accumulated a disgusting 5,775 lewd images and videos over its 10-day existence.

That’s at a rate of 24 media per hour!

Image: AsiaOne (RC)

Just when you thought that’s all to it, he revealed that members were encouraged to give out tips on how to be “snipers”. What are snipers to be exact?

In layman terms, Snipers refer to undercover perverts who snap pictures of unsuspecting women in public.

Image: AsiaOne (RC)

Terms And Conditions May Apply

However, despite the influx of these media, Lust Wander – eh don’t laugh – set some very firm ground rules. Pornographic material that involved children and the mentally ill were not allowed.

Image: AsiaOne (RC)

He remains unaware of the public’s knowledge of his little pornographic haven, going to the extent of claiming that they are “beyond the reach of journalists and lechers”.

A snitch would just “spoil the fun of it”

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Moving Forward

We said goodbye to How I Met Your Mother after nine very heartwarming seasons, and if society could live with the fact that it’s done, I think we can afford to end the existence of these smut-sharing groups. Which hold zero-value to our existence.

According to a statement made by the Singapore Police Force, “Members of the public are advised to stop soliciting in any lewd website or joining such online platforms and illicit chat groups. The Police takes a serious view of anyone involved in criminal activities and will continue to take tough enforcement actions against those breaking the law.”


Under Section 292(a) read with Section 109 of the Penal Code, Chapter 224, anyone convicted of conspiracy to commit distributions of obscene materials may be punished with imprisonment for up to three months or a fine, or both.

Please, please… Ever wanted to be a snitch? Now’s your chance. Snitch for the betterment. Report these groups.