Another Sovereign in S’pore Refused to Wear Mask on the MRT

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These are tumultuous times.

Which makes it all the more imperative that everyone plays their part.

But reality isn’t quite as cooperative;

A notion that’s, rather unfortunately, reflected squarely in the following piece.

Another Sovereign in S’pore Refused to Wear Mask on the MRT

Just yesterday (8 May 2021), Facebook page posted a 1:53 clip on the social media platform wherein a sovereign could be seen without a mask.

The accompanying caption states: “Sovereign spotted with defiance to wear a mask Another sovereign who refused to wear mask on MRT towards Redhill on 07/0521. What shall we do to these people?”

In the clip, he could be heard telling a commuter:

“I will never wear a mask.”

Somewhere, a solitary dude dwelling in a bat cave is weeping in utter darkness.

The sovereign then takes a seat, which prompts the lady beside him to get up and stand some distance away.

He’s then heard stating that he’s very religious, and that he dislikes seeing the elderly with masks on.

Throughout the ‘ordeal’, several commuters could also be heard airing their dissent.

One even said that this is “late-night entertainment”.

Later on, a kind-hearted commuter offers the sovereign a mask, to which the latter declined.

Apparently, he wishes to “be free”.

Despite his perspective, however, he was spotted nodding along with a commuter’s reasoning that masks are comfortable and safe.


Whether he has converted his belief is another question altogether.

You can view the full video here.


To date, the video clip has garnered over 782 reactions and 56K views.

Netizens are also largely displeased with the man’s actions.

Some, for instance, called for the sovereign to be deported back to his own country.

Others called for the intervention of the authorities.

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Several also wondered about a lack of action on the part of staff members.

The general consensus, however, is that pretty much nobody is empathising with the sovereign’s wish to “be free”.

“He is challenging our authorities and at the expense of our medical people,” a Netizen wrote. “Please identify him and have him reported.”


Under the Covid-19 (Temporary Measures) Act, it’s illegal for an individual to not put on a mask outside their home.

For failure to comply, an offender can face up an imprisonment term of up to 6 months and a fine of up to S$10,000.

Previous Instances

Back in 2020, Paramjeet Kaur, a 41-year-old woman, was caught on video refusing to wear a mask.

“I am a sovereign”, the woman declared, immediately breaking the internet.

The woman was referring to the Sovereign movement, where followers see themselves as answerable only to their interpretations of the law and believe they are not subject to any government proceedings.


And on 7 May 2021, Kaur was sentenced to two weeks’ jail and a fine of S$2,000 for her offences during the circuit breaker last year.

The 41-year-old pleaded guilty to a charge each of causing a public nuisance and of failing to wear a mask. Another five charges including occasions where she failed to wear a mask were considered in sentencing.

She won’t actually have to serve time in jail, however, as she had previously been remanded at the Institute of Mental Health for two weeks.

No mental disorder was found.

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