Another Super Self-Entitled Strawberry Caught on Video

What do you do if you’re doing something you’re not supposed to do, and a security guard told you to stop?

99% of the time, I’ll apologize, walk away and hope that the guard won’t note down my particulars.

1% of the time, I’ll run away even before the guard could see me.

But maybe it’s just me, because this strawberry did the 0%.

Posted in a Facebook Page, it shows a security guard approaching a guy who was playing badminton in an area of a supposedly condominium. Now, get this: the guard was friendly at first, even greeting with a soft “Hello”.

But the Strawberry immediately plead the 289th amendment: the right for self-enlistment.

He argued that there’s no notice.

Oh right. There’s no notice at the cai png stall that says that stealing is not allowed, so I’m going to grab some free food tomorrow.

The Strawberry then said he would “play along”, and even wanted to talk to the head of management. His next argument? The security guard was there to make sure they’re safe, and not to create trouble.

(Guard, you should have just said that the Strawberry isn’t safe, HAHA)

Here, take a look yourself.

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However, this might not be a Singapore video, as the Strawberry apparently spoke Malay before switching to English; it might have occurred in Malaysia since our English is exactly the same.

But nevertheless, Singapore Strawberries or Malaysia Strawberries, it doesn’t matter: Strawberries should shouldn’t chun pattern like badminton here.

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