Apple Watch and Pokemon GO Just Got Married


If you’re an Apple lover and you absolutely adore Pokemon GO, you’ll love to hear about Pokemon GO’s marriage to the Apple Watch.

You might have been contemplating if you should get a smartwatch for yourself, but really, if it’s just to keep track of time, a simple wrist watch will do.

You have no reason to purchase the Apple Watch since your phone is in your hand most of the time. Until now, that is.

Pokemon GO in Apple Watch

When we first heard about Pokemon GO in Apple Watch, we were thinking, oha few notifications, blah blah, nothing much.

If you, like us, thought the same way, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to know that you’re wrong.

Pokemon GO: a Mixture of Fitness App and The Game

We always knew that Pokemon GO brings players out into the real world and force them to get out of the house.

We pushed our lazy bodies through walks and bicycle rides, doing things we thought we’ll never do after our NS days.


But Niantic proved our theory right when we saw how the app worked on the smart watch: a combination of fitness tracking and Pokemon hauls.

Here’s how it looks like

It tells you the distance you need to walk to hatch your eggs.


It also tells you the amount of calories you’ve burned off and how long you have walked.


If a Pokemon is nearby, the watch will notify you and you can take out your iPhone immediately.


Reached a PokeStop?


Just spin it on your watch.


You can also see the egg hatching on your screen.


So, a fitness tracking app…


…and Pokemon Hauls




Looks like there’s another reason to get excited for the iWatch release.

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