Man With Weird Backpack is Taking Images for Apple’s Version of Google Street View


If you caught sight of a man with a white, futuristic-looking backpack, chances are you probably ran into the pedestrian surveyor hired by Apple for Apple Maps.

The man with the white backpack was first spotted walking around the island in the areas of Sixth Avenue and Yishun.

Improvement to Apple Maps for Singapore Users

On Thursday (21 April), Apple announced that they will roll out an all-new map experience for Apple Map users in Singapore.

This was why pedestrian surveyors such as the one seen above were probably spotted walking around.

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Pedestrian surveyors are people rolled out to collect information and data such as nearby facilities, roads, paths, parks … you get the drift.

So the “backpacks” have cameras and sensors in place to help Apple gather the information needed for Apple Maps.


“New Navigation Experience” For Apple Map Users 

Apple fans have also speculated that the data would probably be used for the new “Look Around” feature.

The “Look Around” feature allows Apple Map users to explore with 3D, high-resolution photography.

Anyone from around the world can explore Singapore via this and navigate between Jurong, Seng Kang, or more from their fingertips.

The data could also possibly be used to provide an immersive walking experience for Apple Map users.

This includes being able to see three-dimensional plans of iconic landmarks such as the Tiong Bahru Market hawker centre.

Sounds familiar? Yes, it’s almost similar to something we’re now very familiar with: Google Street View.

Privacy Protection In Place For Apple Maps

But if you worry that one day your sibei unglam face gets caught by chance on one of the cameras carried around by these pedestrian surveyors …

Apple has stated that they will censor faces and licence plates shown on the images uploaded to “Look Around” on Apple Maps.

So carry on and don’t feel the need to dodge them when you see them walking around.

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