Apple’s Second Store to Open in Jewel Changi Airport

A big fan of Cupertino tech giant Apple?

Constantly looking for more reasons to visit the prestigious Jewel Changi Airport?

Well, if you find yourself nodding along to the aforementioned points, you’re probably gonna love this piece of news I’m about to bring you:

On 13 July, Apple will be opening its second store in Singapore…

At Jewel Changi Airport, 10 a.m. sharp.

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Apple’s Second Store to Open in Jewel Changi Airport

In March, The Straits Timereported that Apple’s planning to set up new stores in Singapore, and Jewel Changi Airport and Marina Bay Sands are being earmarked as the new locations in question.

And in recent news, the Cupertino tech giant has reiterated the aforementioned information, stating that Apple’s second store will be situated at Jewel Changi Airport, and will open its doors on 13 July at 10 a.m.

Just 15 days from now, actually. All in good time.

What’s new?

According to reports, no additional information, such as the size of the Jewel store, was given. However, visitors can look forward to the usual offerings of an Apple Store from the new outlet, ranging from iPhones to technical advice, as well as hands-on sessions about coding and apps.

Brand new programming will also be developed exclusively for visitors to the new Jewel store, such as The Magic of Jewel Changi Airport Photo Walk. Said to be roughly 500m, this photo walk will allow attendees to traverse Jewel’s attractions, such as its modern architecture, indoor gardens and its 40m waterfall. Attendees will also master the art of taking photos or videos of these attractions, using iPhones or iPads.

Though lest you’re wondering… no Samsung lessons provided, I’m afraid.

First Apple store in South-east Asia

Back in May 2017, Apple opened its first store here at Knightsbridge mall in Orchard Road.


It was the first Apple store in South-east Asia.

And just last year (2018), Apple opened its first store n Bangkok, Thailand, its second store in South-east Asia.


Apple’s notorious for its secrecy when it comes to store plans and Jewel was no different. In fact, even tenants at the Airport were reportedly oblivious to the state of Apple’s renovation.

Hints of new retail plans from Apple did, however, leak since last September, when job posts for a retail store in the eastern part of Singapore were seen on their recruitment page.

Image: Apple

As for the MBS outlet, a dome-like structure has emerged from the water next to the existing Louis Vuitton “island” store, and is reportedly where the third Apple flagship store will be located.

Image: LVMH

Fingers crossed that it will be a reality, because if there’s anything cooler than a huge ass Apple store on the outskirts of town…

It’s a huge ass Apple “island” store.

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