#ThirstyThursday: Xiaomei Brown Sugar Boba Ice Cream: Like McDonald’s Soft Serve With Mochi


Last Updated on 2020-01-09 , 3:41 pm

Alright, peeps. It’s time to inject some reality into the brown sugar boba hype.

Image: Imgflip

But GoodyFeed, Brown Sugar isn’t just Sugar with the brown word added in front! You think they just add some brown stuff inside and then they become brown sugar meh?

Sorry to pop your boba here, but Brown Sugar is actually just sugar mixed with brown. By brown, I mean molasses. That’s right, molasses which you can buy from Cold Storage for about six bucks a bottle.

Don’t believe me? Check Wikipedia.

Image: Wikipedia

Or a recipe for brown sugar.

Or this guy, who references the Sugar Association:

And milk tea always had sugar in it. Bubble tea always had boba. So literally the only difference that made horrors like this possible:

Image: Crab Generation Restaurant Facebook

Was molasses.

Now that you know all the secrets to the brown sugar hype, it’s enough bitching about molasses and time to review a product that’s born from the hype:

Xiaomei Brown Sugar Boba Ice Cream

We got it at $10.90 a box, with 4 pops inside. But you’d already have known of this product if you were reading GoodyFeed and have Instagram. Yep, it’s the very same one that got sold out quickly when they were launched, and the very same one that went viral even in America.

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