There Are Now Brown Sugar With Pearls Ice-Cream Bars in S’pore

Image: Happy Ice Singapore

Once you go brown, the other colours let you down.

That used to be my pick-up line on Tinder but I’m also referring to a new delectable dessert made by Singapore-based company Happy Ice.

Image: Happy Ice Singapore

If you are in possession of a mouth, you’re probably a fan of ice cream. So the above image must be doing all sorts of unspeakable things to your tongue.

Happy Ice introduced a new brown sugar with pearl ice cream bar and is now selling it on their website.

Unfortunately for your mouths, the products sold out faster than a certain $54 smartphone by Huawei (which is saying something).

According to their Facebook page, the product will be back in stock on Aug 19. Pre-order has started.

But if you’ve clicked into the link on their post, you’d come to another startling conclusion: if you want this, you’ve got to wait even longer before you can get your hands on the ice cream.

Because the pre-order for the next wave of ice-cream is sold out.

Image: Tenor

Yup. But at least you know it’s good, right? Probably.

Image: Happy Ice Singapore

The Singapore-based company imports the ice cream bar from Taiwan, where it is a popular dessert.

Image: Happy Ice Singapore

So what exactly will you be eating? Creamy fresh milk with brown sugar syrup that contains little tapioca pearls of pleasure.

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Ice cream rarely disappoints, especially when brown sugar is involved.

Image: Happy Ice Singapore

Minimum order requirement

But, like most things in life, the path to the things we desire is not a straight one.

Happy Ice requires a minimum order of 20 boxes for online purchases. So unless you want your ice cream with a side of diabetes, you should share the order with friends and family.

You can also combine your orders with other buyers on this post:

Posted by Happy Ice Pte Ltd on Thursday, 25 July 2019

It’s a hassle, but delivery is free.

If you don’t want to order ice cream with strangers on the internet, you can collect an order of 5 boxes yourself at their office in Bukit Batok (Blk 2021 #01-198, Bukit Batok St 23, Singapore 659526).

That’s about a 10-minute walk from where I’m seated now, so I’ll leave you with another picture of the ice cream bar to look at while I actually go and eat it.

Image: Happy Ice Singapore

Jealous? Well, I just remembered that they’re sold out. But hey, sooner or later, I’ll be able to walk my way to happiness every day.

Image: Giphy

In the meantime, if we hit 10,000 followers in our Instagram Page, our boss has offered to leopard crawl to their office and buy the ice-cream for our next #ThirstyThurday.

And by the way, we meant what we said. Remember how we promised to eat cockroaches if people didn’t cry at our video? Well, we did.