#ThirstyThursday: Ben & Jerry’s Netflix & Chilll’d: Hello? Peanut Butter World??


Last Updated on 2020-01-23 , 3:12 pm

Full disclosure: we didn’t pay for this ourselves since this was a media invite. But you’d know that we’re not biased even for free products.

(Okay, maybe a little bit biased.)

Oh yeah, I was one of the first people in Singapore to have tasted this ice cream flavour. And if the people over at the event can be trusted, the event was a BIG thing.

Big enough for free food other than the review pint.

At a certain company’s office. But you already know which since you’ve read the title.

The big question is: what kind of flavour is Netflix? Is it a flavour that’s red and black? Is it something that people usually eat when watching Netflix?

Clues: It’s nuts. It’s salty. It’s sweet.

New Flavour: Netflix & Chilll’d

And it turns out to be… peanut butter?

The full flavour: Peanut Butter Ice Cream with Sweet & Salty Pretzel Swirls & Fudge Brownie.

But why?

Nobody really knows why it’s peanuts of all things. But here’s what the ice cream looks like on the inside:


Fairly small bits of peanuts, obvious swirls of pretzels, and fudge brownies.

Taking another serving, because I have the very difficult job of eating ice cream and ensuring that Ben & Jerry’s provides consistent quality for the consumers.


AND just to make sure that I’m doing my review the right way, I’m bringing home my review pint to eat it exactly how it should be eaten: while Netflix and chilling.

(You might be envious of my job, but what they don’t tell you about these kinds of jobs are that they pay you peanuts.)

After eating it three times, I can tell you that…

Eating It While Watching Something Is A Bad Idea

I open my episode of The Witcher. Open my pint of B&J. Jaskier sings Toss a coin to your witcher~ as I dig my spoon in. It started off with a strong peanut flavour. It’s not as strong as


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