Armour Vehicles Could Be Travelling Around Your Neighbourhood On 10 Aug

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Remember this iconic scene from Ah Boys to Men 4?

Image: InSing

Well, you’re going to see this again this year, minus the destruction, of course.

NDP to Extend To 10 Aug 2019

Unlike previous years where the National Day Parade starts and end on 9 Aug, the NDP will be extended by one more day this year.

No, it doesn’t mean people watching the show this year must sleep at the stadium overnight.

Instead, the mobile column consisting of the army and SCDF vehicles will be travelling to 5 heartland areas along 4 designated routes.

The designated stops for the vehicles are at:

  • Jurong East
  • Punggol
  • Woodlands
  • Wisma Geylang Serai
  • Bishan

Why These Places?

Because these are places where the People Association (PA) are holding carnivals to celebrate Singapore’s birthday.

The vehicles will be parked alongside the carnivals where residents can get up close and personal with the vehicles.


Here are the vehicles that are included in the mobile column.

Image: NDP 2019

Be prepared to see Leopard 2SG, Light Strike Vehicle and the SCDF’s Red Rhino.

And to end off the night on a great note, there’ll be fireworks displays too.

The carnivals are expected to start at 3 pm onwards.

The Details

According to reports, the mobile column will set off from the F1 pit at 2.30 pm on 10 August.

Here are the estimated timing for their routes so if you want to catch them mid-route? Just check which area is the best for you.

Image: NDP

The vehicles will reach their final destination (at the carnivals) at around 6.45 pm.

A live video of the mobile column will be streamed online.

And just like using the bus app, you can also use NDP’s website to check the time that the mobile column will appear in your area.

Image: NDP website

By the way, for those who are wondering if you have to take leave for the event, you don’t have to.

Not because we have two public holidays, but 10 Aug happens to fall on a Saturday.

Probably also why the government decided to do it this year, huh?

If You Have Any Questions…

Just ask us! We’re kidding, don’t ask us.

But there’s a place you can go to and ask: Reddit.

In case you missed it, the Chairperson of the mobile column has arranged an “ask me anything” (AMA) thread on Reddit.

Image: Reddit u/NDP19MobileColumn

And it’s hilarious AF.


You’re welcome! 😉


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