Arnold’s Fried Chicken Won’t Have Breasts & Ribs Due to Chicken Shortages & Customers Are Happy Instead

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If there’s one thing that all Singaporeans love, it’s probably fried chicken.

And it goes without saying that chicken wings, drumsticks and thighs are usually the most popular pieces amongst most foodies.

On the other hand, most people might think that chicken breasts are too dry and that chicken ribs have a gamey taste to them.

Well, for those who’re always praying that you’ll get the wings, drumsticks or thighs in your fried chicken order, you’re in luck.

Arnold’s Fried Chicken Out Of Chicken Breast and Rib

As we all know by now, there has been a limited supply of chicken due to Malaysia’s export ban that they recently implemented.

With 33% of our total chicken supply coming from just Malaysia alone, it seems almost inevitable that companies which rely heavily on chicken products will be affected.

And it seems like Arnold’s Fried Chicken, a local fast-food chain, hasn’t been spared either.

Recently on Tuesday (7 June), Arnold’s Fried Chicken uploaded the following post to their Facebook page.

In the caption, the company explained that due to the chicken supply constraints, the fast-food chain is no longer able to serve customers chicken breasts or ribs in their orders.

However, they still have ample stock of chicken thighs, drumsticks and wings.

Which clearly, despite Arnold’s apology, doesn’t seem like that bad of an issue.

A while later on the same day, Arnold’s uploaded yet another post on its Facebook page.

The newer post re-emphasised that they will only be serving chicken thighs, drumsticks and wings, and announced that other items on the menu such as the spring chicken meal will still be available.

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Netizens’ Reactions

Even though Arnold’s phrased their posts as an apology, it seems like the “bad news” delighted many netizens instead due to the higher demand for chicken thighs, drumsticks and wings since they are commonly seen as the juicier parts of the chicken.


In the comments sections of both posts, many Facebook users were evidently delighted by the fact that there were only the thighs, drumsticks and wings left to be served.

Most users commented that those were their favourite parts of the chicken, while others mentioned that the chicken breasts and ribs were too dry and tough for their liking.

“Pls continue to not have breasts and rib,” one commenter even wrote.

A handful of other commenters also asked for Arnold to turn this into a permanent arrangement.

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