30cm-Long Hammer Pierced Into Moving Car at PIE, Tearing a Hole Through the Car

If there’s one thing that no one likes, it’s facing any sort of obstacle while driving along the expressway.

I mean, no one likes to have their journey disrupted, right?

But although some of these emergency-brake-inducing obstacles are just purely inconvenient, they’re sometimes much more dangerous than just that.

And recently, a couple in Singapore experienced exactly what that means.

Car Ran Over Hammer on PIE

On the evening of 3 June, a couple was driving along the Pan-Island Expressway (PIE) before the exit to Eunos Link when they realised that their car had hit something.

Part of the unlucky couple, a female accounting supervisor surnamed Zheng, told Shin Min Daily News that she and her husband were travelling home after he picked her up for work, and that they were on the PIE when they heard an odd noise coming from the bottom of their car.

Ms Zheng, 55, described the noise as a crackling sound.

She also added that it was soon difficult for her husband to manoeuvre the car forward, prompting the couple to pull over at the road shoulder to find out what exactly did they run over.

To both Ms Zheng and her husband’s shock, they found a large iron hammer that had pierced into the bottom of the car.

The sharp edge of the car had pierced into the car, while the rest of it was protruding from the undercarriage of the car.

As a result, a large hole of around 5cm was formed in the metal at the bottom of the couple’s car.

According to Shin Min, the hammer was around one foot long, which is approximately 30cm.

Shin Min also shared a series of photos regarding the incident on its Facebook page, with one of the photos showing how the hammer was around the length of two smartphones.

Of course, that’s not something you want to get stuck in your car at any time, but one would understandably be stunned after seeing such a sight happen, especially on the expressway.

Ms Zheng expressed similar sentiments, mentioning how her husband and herself did not ever expect a large hammer to appear “out of the blue” on the expressway.

Unable to Receive Any Help; Spent Over an Hour on Road Shoulder Trying to Pull Hammer Out of Car

Yup, the worst wasn’t over for this couple just yet.

Based on Shin Min‘s reports, Ms Zheng’s husband tried to call the car dealership to request assistance to remove the hammer from the bottom of the car.

However, when the couple called the car dealership, the staff there asked them to call a towing service instead.

When Ms Zheng’s husband tried to call the hotline of a towing service, the call was unable to get through.

The couple then decided to give up on calling for help and instead followed instructions that the car dealership’s boss was able to offer them.

Ms Zheng’s husband ended up having to raise the bottom of the car up with a car jack before being able to remove the hammer cautiously and slowly with other tools.

Ms Zheng also told Shin Min that the entire process of removing the hammer took them over an hour.

Worried that Car Was Damaged and Will Be Sending Car for Repair Soon

After the huge hammer was removed from the bottom of the car, Ms Zheng was naturally worried about whether or not the car’s functions were affected.

In particular, she shared that she was concerned about how the car might end up having an oil leak.

Hence, the couple decided to observe their car for a period of time to see if any issues with the car would occur.

Fortunately, the car still appeared to be functional without any signs of damage to its system, so the couple drove off quickly.

The couple managed to get home safely, but revealed that they are still cautious and fearful with regards to the car’s damages.

Therefore, they will be sending their car for repair in the next few days.

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Where the Hammer Came From

Although it seems incredibly odd for such a large-sized hammer to appear on the expressway out of nowhere, Ms Zheng has a possible answer as to where the hammer could have come from.

She mentioned that there are industrial buildings near the part of the PIE that they passed by.

Hence, she said that the hammer could have accidentally fallen out of another vehicle or ended up being left behind after construction works nearby were wrapped up.

Despite Ms Zheng’s guesses, a man surnamed Zheng with 20 years’ experience in the renovation industry told Shin Min that such hammers are not usually used as a mechanical part in construction.

Hammers like these are more frequently used to break floor tiles, stone or walls during renovation.

Another renovation contractor also echoed similar sentiments and added that such hammers are used in cement works as well.

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Featured Image: Facebook (Shin Min Daily News 新明日报)