Australia University Evacuated Due to ‘Gas Leak’; Turns Out It’s Durian (Again)

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I know what you’re thinking: isn’t that old news?

Well, read on and you’ll understand.

University of Canberra

As the name of the university suggests, this university is located in the capital city of Australia. With about 13,000 students, it was first established in 1967 as the Canberra College of Advanced Education (CCAE) before changing its name to the current University of Canberra.

It’s just another university that we Singaporeans aren’t that familiar with, because let’s face it: we only know about RMIT in Australia.

But on Friday, something happened and everyone knows about this school now.

And we might just become a fan of the university based on how they reacted to a “crisis”.

10 May 2019

On Friday at about 2:30 p.m. local time (12:30 p.m. here in Singapore), 550 people from the University of Canberra Library,  which is housed in its own building, were evacuated.

Everyone was out of the building within six minutes, and firefighters were called in to investigate.

So, what happened?

There was a suspected “gas leak” in the building. And suffice to say, a gas leak isn’t a play-play thing: if it’s flammable, all it takes is a spark from a lighter or a fart from BuffLord95  and the whole building would be burning in seconds.

The firefighters risked their lives to find the source of the smell, poring through rooms that could blow up within seconds.

In addition, the University of Canberra Library Facebook Page also posted an update, leaving the reason unmentioned, which led to speculations.

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Their first update

A whole hour later, the firefighters finally found the source of the smell: it was from a durian.

No, correction: it was merely a part of a durian. And it was left inside one of their rubbish bins, which is near an air vent. That could explain why the smell spread to other parts of the building.

In fact, the authorities had to conduct atmospheric monitoring to ensure the area was safe.

I don’t want to sound rude, but if they really want to ensure that the smell is caused by a durian, they can simply ask any Singaporean or Malaysian in the area to take a sniff. Pretty sure the person’s nose is much more accurate than the “atmospheric monitoring”.

University of Canberra Facebook Page Perfect Response

So you’d have thought that the university would issue a statement and condone the person who’s inconsiderable enough to bring a durian into a place full of ang mos.

Well, you thought wrong.

After updating their followers about what happened…

…they posted an image of the culprit.

The comment section is filled with Singaporeans and Malaysians joking about the incident, and the FB Page even replied to some comments.

And of course, we can be certain that the FB Page admin isn’t familiar with the king of fruits…

…because we don’t call apple an “apple fruit”.

Finally, they added a temporary profile picture that anyone who’s lived in Singapore or Malaysia would have seen before:

Not the First Time in Australia

As mentioned, if this news sounds familiar, it’s because it is.

Last year, a library in RMIT (yeah, the one we’re more familiar with) suffered the exact same fate: 600 people were evacuated, and firefighters searched the building only to find a rotting durian in a cupboard.

The discrimination against durians is very real.