Australian Tourist Unhappy She Paid $176 For 2kg Of Durians At Chinatown In S’pore


Durians are known as the kings of fruits, but how much are you willing to pay for one?


If you are thinking who in the world would pay $176 for a durian, you share the same thoughts as an Australian tourist who ate a durian that cost that much without knowing.

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Shin Min Daily News reported that on  October, Australian tourist Li Jing Jie, who was just in town for about a week, wanted to taste the famous fruit when she saw a shop selling it in Chinatown.

She only got one durian to eat and the owner told her to pay after she was done eating. Jing Jie then happily ate her durian, well, until her bill came. 

Her bill was $176.

For one 2kg durian. 

What’s that, D24000000?

But how? 

Apparently the stall was selling certain species of durians for $88/kg and they made it very clear by stating prices very clearly up at the front of their stall. 

The stall owner also said that they had already told the man who was with Jing Jie, who was probably her husband, the price of the durians before they started eating. 

Although the stall said that they made their prices clear, Jing Jie still complains that the stall owners were “scammers” for charging such outrageously high prices for their durians. 

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Okay, but is it normal for durians to be this expensive? 

Well, most durian outlets in Singapore sell durians for about $10-$20/ KG depending on the species of durian so $88 for one kg does seem pretty extreme.

But according to durian delivery, there are different seasons for durians and the price of durians will change based on how the supply of durians that month is. 

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In the month of October, the supply of durians are “low” and that could be the reason why there is a spike in durian prices. 

That being said, the next time you eat durian before you start eating it, remember to ask for its price first. Because unless there is gold in the durian, $176 is way too expensive for one durian lah.

Where to get cheap and good durians? 

I know what you’re thinking: after reading so much about durian, you’re craving for it.

But don’t worry: despite the “low” season, you don’t have to break the bank to get on your hands on cheap and affordable durians.

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Some places that offer wuhua durians include Wang Sheng Li which sells a wide range of durians that cost from $5 – $17/kg. 

96 Super Durian (8515 8960) sells durians from $8 – $17/kg.
King Fruits Durian (8186 8358) sells durians from $5 – $18/kg. 

If you have never tried this unique delicacy, maybe you can try these places out for some affordable durian before splurging on $176 durians.