Avengers: Endgame Directors Warn Moviegoers Not To Eat Or Drink Cuz There’s No Good Time For Toilet Break


I don’t know what hole you’ve been living in if you haven’t heard of Avengers: Endgame by now, because the hype is insane.

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It’s insane enough to crash cinema websites.

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And box office records are being shattered, smashed and torn apart for Captain Marvel, the Marvel movie right before Avengers: Endgame, and also in the pre-sale tickets for Endgame itself.

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Which, alright, Larson did a great job as an actress but was this really because the film was so ground-breakingly good? Or was it because everyone was preparing themselves with Avengers: Endgame so near, and Captain Marvel just happens to be important for a complete picture?

But I digress.

With all the fans already frothing with anticipation, the Marvel Studios team had to tease them even more.

How to prepare for Endgame 101, a guide by Marvel Studios

Step 1. Get Tickets

(Alright this isn’t a tip from Marvel Studios; it’s from me, but the rest will be)

The cinemas are not actually fully booked on the first day yet, and who says crashing websites are your only way to get tickets?

You’ll be able to slide yourself into the cinemas on the first day if you go for those off-peak hour slots (read: slots that you can’t get unless you’re a bum) and make the effort to get your tickets from the physical cinemas instead of online. So be prepared to get massive, debilitating diarrhea on the 24th (or as far as your boss/teacher is concerned).

Step 2. Prepare for Leaky Faucets


During the Avengers: Endgame press conference, the Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige, actually teased that fans may have to bring tissues to Endgame. Maybe Iron Man is finally turning into Copper Man. Or Captain America is finally promoted to Major America.

Step 3. No Food or Beverages allowed

If you didn’t know, the movie is 3 hours long, the longest Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) movie ever.

On how to survive such a production, the co-director Anthony Russo laughed and said: “Don’t eat or drink before the movie. There is really no good spot to get out for a bathroom break.”


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Now if you stumbled on this article but have no idea what’s going on, we got you covered.

Why the Hype

Avengers: Endgame is one of the most ambitious film projects, since it features a whole universe of heroes we’ve been watching in the MCU movies.

It is also the last Avengers movie, and to seal the fact, the contracts of Chris Evans (Captain America) and Robert Downey Jr. (Iron Man) will be expiring with the release of the movie. So no more seeing your beloved characters on screen.

Also, it is not just the last Avengers movie: it is the end of a decade long cinematic legacy. Even people who weren’t die-hard MCU fans will be jumping in at the last minute because this is their last chance to experience such a revolution. Its like how monumental the end of Harry Potter is with Deathly Hallows – Part 2, or Lord of the Rings: Return of the King.

Downey Jr. (once again, Iron Man) reflected on his position in these productions over the years.


As reported by The New Paper, he remarked on how the stage back then was much smaller and how he was concerned only about his character, saying: “As you grow older, you become more objective and see the bigger picture.

“I’m just glad to be able to be a part of and witness to this cultural phenomenon.”

The expectations of fans are already sky high, the hype meter filled to the very top. There is nothing left to do but wait for them to deliver. Let’s just hope that it won’t disappoint.