Tampines GRC MP Baey Yam Keng Revealed That He Has Nose Cancer & is Now Receiving Treatment


Today (7 Jan), Tampines GRC MP Baey Yam Keng divulged in a Facebook post that he has been diagnosed with stage 1 nose cancer.

Here’s what happened.

Managing With his Nose Cancer

The 51-year-old is currently receiving radiation therapy to treat the cancer, which will be completed by the end of January. The discovery of his nose cancer was made in November last year.

Since the therapy is likely to make him feel more tired, he stated that he had been “slowing down the pace of [his] work” and extended his thanks to his colleagues in Tampines and the Ministry of Transport, where he holds the position of Senior Parliamentary Secretary.

He adds in the post that the side effects from the radiation therapy—like the skin burns, mouth dryness and ulcers, loss of taste and fatigue—have been manageable thus far, and assures that his method of treatment does not compromise his immunity system.

Despite being diagnosed with cancer at 51, Mr Baey still remains optimistic, feeling fortunate that his medical condition was discovered at an early stage, because the treatment was bound to be much simpler and there is a high likelihood of survival.

“I am relatively young and have been keeping myself fit. Together with the strong support of my wife, family, and friends, I am confident to overcome this challenge and recover well.

“Life has thrown me a curveball, but I will be fine!”

Mr Baey ends his sentence off with an exclamation point and a smiley face.

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Misses in his Schedule

Owing to the current COVID-19 restrictions, it is not advisable to have large gatherings, but it is still an important time of the year where the achievements of hardworking students need to be recognised, and to continue motivating them to further excel.

However, Mr Baey will be absent from the 36 Edusave Award Ceremony sessions due to his condition, where almost 800 certificates will be presented to the students of his constituency.

For this, he asks for the understanding of the residents of Tampines North.

His presence will be missed, but I am certain that the residence of his GRC are more likely to urge him to follow doctor’s orders instead of straining himself. Bodily health is the most important capital before good governance, after all.

Sincerely, and from the depths of our hearts, we hope Mr Baey will make a smooth recovery from his medical condition, and express our admiration for the tenacity he has shown in spite of the adversity that he is faced with.

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Featured Image: Facebook (Baey Yam Keng 马炎庆)