11 Places to Buy Bak Kwa Online in Singapore Coz Queuing for Bak Kwa is Not Recommended in 2021

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In the face of a serial pandemic and even more serial precautions, our favourite Bakkwa stores have moved online in a bid to circumvent the whole ‘crowding’ prospect – which has more or less become a normality during this time of the year.

Now, that would’ve been a disaster amidst such tumultuous times.

And yet, the question begets:

Which household brand is actually retailing online, and which is not?

Well, it seems that we have our answers

And what better way to present them than the age-old 11 Facts sequence?

11 Places to Buy Bak Kwa Online Coz Queuing for Bak Kwa is Not Recommended in 2021

1. Bee Cheng Hiang

With 370 outlets in 11 countries and 58 in Singapore, Bee Cheng Hiang is one of the most renowned bakkwa brands (alongside Fragrance) on local shores.

It purportedly uses 100% natural ingredients and Christopher Lee loves it.

Apart from the conventional bakkwa flavours, the Singaporean company also serves the delicious Gourmet Fusion Bak Kwa – a mixture of bacon and minced pork.

You can order online here.

Delivery fee: $8, free for orders above $200

2. Lim Chee Guan

You may have read news of the brand’s website crashing due to overwhelming popularity, but it’s still a mandatory option on this list.

Opened in 1938, the family-run business owns four local outlets, with its flagship store known to entice overnight-long queues every Chinese New Year.

Due to the outbreak, however, that prospect would naturally be a huge no-no this year, and so sales were diverted online with deliveries scheduled between 20 Jan and 9 Feb 2021.

Unfortunately, it appears that the brand had heavily underestimated its own popularity, as its website crashed on 6 Jan, and had stayed down for days.

It was only recently that the website managed to address the issue, though some things have been changed. For example, there will be a set purchase limit of 20kg of bak kwa per customer.


Hopefully, the website will be able to handle the massive number of impending orders when the time inevitably comes.

You can order online here.

Delivery fee: $15 for orders below 8kg, $8 for orders between 8kg to 15kg, free for 15kg and above

3. Fragrance

With over 30 stores across the nation, Fragrance has long been competing with Bee Cheng Hiang for Singapore’s (bakkwa-related) affections, and it appears that their rivalry is set to continue online.

This 2021, enjoy their herbal marinated bakkwa through convenient doorstep delivery.

You can order online here.

How much can you earn from delivering food with foodpanda in Singapore? We tried it out for you, and the amount is apparently not what we’ve expected:

Delivery fee: $6, free for orders above $50

4. The Deli At Goodwood Park Hotel

The Deli at the Goodwood Park Hotel may not exactly specialise in bak kwa, but its version is certainly not to be scoffed at.

Marinated and barbecued by the hotel’s chefs, The Deli’s barbecued pork has been appraised by the likes of TODAYonline.


Thinly-sliced with a favourable lean meat-to-fat ratio, the tender pork is supposedly succulent and carries a hint of caramel.

You can order online here.

Delivery fee: $21.40, free for orders above $800

5. Kim Joo Guan

Desperate to fulfill your New Year Resolution of eating clean, and yet your cravings for bakkwa just can’t seem to go away?

No worries; Kim Joo Guan is here to save the day.


Lest you’re unaware, Kim Joo Guan has a 30-year history, and is famous for its hand-made bakkwa.

It also reportedly uses fresh grain-fed Australian ‘free-range pork.

Little surprise why it’s a hit among the more health-conscious folks, really.

You can order online here.

Delivery fee:$15


6. Hup Chong

Since 1988, Hup Chong has been manufacturing and retailing barbecued meat and floss.

And the trend does not seem to be stopping anytime soon.

Dishing up a variety of bak kwa, dried sausages and pork floss, the brand retails products on its official website, and has also branched out to online marketplace Shopee.

You can order online here.

Delivery fee: $8, free for orders above $60


7. Kim Guan Guan

For those unaware, Kim Guan Guan has been in the industry for 40 years, and it has made a name for itself with its dried mushrooms and vacuum-sealed bak kwa.

The latter, in particular, comes in various interesting flavours such as mushroom and seaweed – a notion that would surely appeal to all the keen ‘experimentists’ out there.

You can order online here.

Delivery fee: $3.99 (Qxpress), $5.99 (QX Quick)

8. Hock Wong

Not to be confused with Ah Hock’s illegitimate child with Wong Mei Mei, Hock Wong is actually a renowned brand over in Malaysia, and had branched out to Singapore in 2018.


Grilled with honey, its bakkwa is vacuum-sealed to ensure maximum freshness.

Do take note, however, that Hock Wong only offers minced pork and bacon bak kwa. Sliced versions are not available.

You can order online here.

Delivery fee: Delivery fee: $8, free for orders above $200

9. Xishi Bak Kwa

Also known as Cecilia Minced Pork, Xishi Bak Kwa is a family business which was founded in 1985.


Its meat is charcoal-grilled, and comes in unique flavours such as Goji Berry, Ginseng and Mushroom Pork.

You can order online here.

Delivery fee: $1.49, free for orders above $30

10. New Eastern Kim Tee

Also known as just Kim Tee, New Eastern Kim Tee was founded in 1976 and encompasses five outlets in total.

Offering online delivery for the first time this year, New Eastern Kim Tee retails bakkwa with a tender, jerky-like texture – the likes of which would surely satiate any cravings this CNY season.


Interestingly, the brand recently introduced bak kwa fries and hei zho (fried prawn roll).

You can order online here.

Delivery fee: $8, free for orders above $80

11. Friendly Vegetarian

Desperate for bakkwa but you’ve sworn an oath to go vegetarian?

No sweat; Friendly Vegetarian is here to help.


Retailing a range of soy protein and mushroom fare, Friendly Vegetarian also stocks meat-free bakkwa.

Essentially the bakkwa version of the Impossible Burger, except perhaps less processed, the meatless version is made out of soy fiber, mushroom and starch.

Perfect for vegans.

You can order online here.

Delivery fee: $9.80, free for orders above $120


Other Mentions

Additionally, you can also purchase bakkwa online at the following stores:

Do take note that the additional mentions are not necessarily ‘inferior’ to the primary 11.

Featured Image: jreika / Shutterstock.com 

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