Baking soda isn’t the only way to remove stains—here’s 9 other hacks you must know!


Most of us might have heard of how baking soda is actually a really good stain remover and I never knew about that until this year! It’s cheap and easy to use, and most of us already have it at home, which makes it really convenient. But did you know there are many other cleaning hacks that you can use with affordable and simple items? Here are some cleaning hacks that you probably have not heard of before!


  1. Using Coca Cola to clean toilet bowls

We’ve all been told that this sugary drink might be bad for our health, but its acidic properties actually make it a rather effective cleaner! If you have stubborn stains in your toilet bowl, consider using coke to get rid of them. Just pour some directly onto the stain and rub and they should come right off!


  1. Getting rid of rust

In every household, there is probably something with metal legs (be it foldable tables or chairs) that tend to get rusty and unsightly. Did you know that it’s actually super easy to get rid of those stains? All you need is aluminium foil and a little bit of water; crush up the foil into a boil and dip it in water and scrub away at the stains that will vanish before your eyes!


  1. Cleaning up loose powder from carpets

We all know dropping loose powder or ash on a carpet is extremely terrifying since it is so hard to wipe it off without staining! While most of us will attempt to gently pat it with a wet tissue and causing it to actually stain further, there is actually a much simpler way to get rid of it. Simply get a piece of paper, put it next to the loose powder and hit the side of the carpet without the powder on it. The excess powder will then land onto the paper without rubbing into the material and staining it badly.



  1. Cleaning dirty microwaves

Over time, microwaves tend to get covered with gross food stains that have dried up and are hard to get rid of. To tackle this, just microwave a bowl of water with lemon wedges inside for three minutes and after letting it sit for a few more minutes, scrub at the stains and they will come right off.


  1. Cleaning a messy blender

Blenders are useful but hard to clean because of the of the narrow corners, which leads to residue building up. One simple trick to clean a blender that will make you go ‘Why didn’t i think of that?’ is to blend some hot water and dish washing soap together which will get rid of the dirty residual stains!


  1. Vinegar to degunk a gross showerhead

Over time, the shower head gets clogged up with dirt and other gross residues which can affect the flow of water. An increasingly popular way of dealing with this is to fill a plastic bag with vinegar, tie it securely around your shower head and let soak for a few hours. You will be surprised by how much dirt it can clear out.


  1. Greasy stains on clothes

If you ever get grease stains on your clothes, do not panic, because white chalk can help get rid of it. White chalk soaks up the grease and when you wash your clothes, causing the stain to come right off and your clothes will look as good as new.


  1. Accidental lipstick stains

Ladies, we’ve all been there. If you accidentally get a lipstick stain on your clothes, dish soap or hairspray are actually pretty good at getting rid of the stain since they can neutralize the oils. When you wash your clothes, the stain will come off pretty nicely!


9.Dirty shoe soles (rubber)

If you own a pair of sneakers, you will know how dirty and scruffy the rubber sole can look after you’ve been wearing it for long and soap might not be able to get it all off. A suggested method would be to use nail polish remover and carefully clean the soles (don’t get it on the canvas) and ta-dah! They’ll look white and bright again.



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