Bangladeshi Worker Dies After Being Crushed Between Metal Barricades At Sengkang Construction Sites

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Construction workers are the unsung heroes of Singapore. They build the high-rise buildings we call home, from scratch.

They put in hard work everyday, just to turn Singapore into one of the best urban city in the world.

Every drop of sweat in the hot sun is exchanged with their hard-earned money. But what if one day, their lives are exchanged instead?

Bangladeshi Worker Dies In An Industrial Accident

Unfortunately, this was what happened. A 37-year-old Bangladeshi worker had died in an accident on Friday morning (November 22). It happened at a construction site in Sengkang.

According to The Straits Times, a spokesman for the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) said that he was caught between metal barricades and the counterweight of a crawler crane when the crane rotated.

Police reported that he was taken unconscious to Sengkang General Hospital, where he later passed away. They were alerted to the industrial accident at 339 Anchorvale Road at about 9am.

The worker was employed by a construction firm He Zhan. The site developer was Housing Development, while the constructor was Ken-Pal. MOM has since instructed Ken-Pal to stop all lifting operations in the worksite.

Both the ministry and the police are currently investigating the incident.

Not The First Industrial Accident Case This Year

Sadly, this is not the first industrial accident that has happened this year. In March, a 36 year old man was killed at the Sengkang construction site after he was struck by a sheet pile at the worksite.

Even earlier this month, another construction worker died after a crane falls at the worksite of an upcoming rehabilitation hub in Novena. This killed an Indian construction worker, 28 years old, as well as injured a Bangladeshi worker, 35 years old.

It is heartbreaking to be delivering this heavy news to you. With so much of their efforts go unrecognised in Singapore, I feel that we should be a little more appreciative.

At the very least, think about it the next time you see them.

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